Aster flower: how to grow and care: uses of aster flowers

Aster flower is a very beautiful and attractive flower. It is found in various colors. Aster flower is close to the Asteraceae family. Aster flowers meaning, starflower. Aster flower shape like a star.

Some popular species of aster plant Alpine aster, Beach sand aster, Korean montane aster.

How many types of aster flowers

Aster flower found many colors. It is a very amazing flower. It found around 5 hundred varieties of these flowers.

The physical form of aster flowers

Aster flower size is 1 inch to 1.25 inches. Its plant is very short hight. This plant height 1 to 3 feet. It is a very lovely and beautiful flower.

How to a plant aster grow from seeds?

Aster plants grow from seed. Another way you can purchase a potted plant from a nursery. When your plant grows from seed, remember seed sown at least one inch deep from the surface. Sunlight required very important to growing a plant but for a plant growing from seed, partial sunlight required. Also, water is very important to growing well.

How to grow aster plant indoor and outdoor

When the Aster plant is growing indoors now you can transplant it outdoor. Remember when to transplant aster plant keeps it few distances between two plants.

Soil requirement of aster flower growing on the pot

You need 40% garden soil, 40% sand, 20% cow dong compost, neem powder 1/2 spoon, fungicide 1/2 spoon mix all components in a pot now aster flower seeds given in pot after few days plant germinate.

Aster plant germination time at least five to nine days. Plant height around one or two feet. When you Growing aster flower at the hottest temperature then you remember no need more sunlight you need a semi shadow place for your plant well growing. You need more water but it required a good drainage system.

Aster flowers grow on pot

You need an aster flower plant or you can also germinate from seed. Aster flowers plant is a short hight plant, then you need 6 to 8 inches pot is best for growing.

Aster flowers blooming time

Aster flower blooming summer, rainy season, and some aster flower blooming winter season.

Colors of aster flowers

Aster flower found different – different colors. Some popular aster flower colors red, yellow, pink, blue, purple magenta.

How to take care of aster flowers

  • For more flowering, you can be pinching aster plant more than three times a year.
  • In the winter season when leaves are falling they need cutting for more growth.
  • In the summer season, the Aster flower needs more water. That time you should give water time to time.
  • In the very hottest temperature, you need a particular place or semi shadow place because very hot temperature aster flower stop growing or leaves are falling.
  • When aster flower leaves color change green to yellow it means flower affecting bacteria. Then you should most use any fungicide to remove it.
  • How to collect seeds of aster plant After the end of aster flower time, all flowers getting dry. Then cut all dry aster flowers and keep them in the direct sunlight for more than two or three days. Then after removing all dry leaves now you have only aster flower seeds. For long reserve, you can mix any fungicide with seeds.

Conclusion: So aster is a very beautiful and attractive flower. It attracts everyone few countries celebrate aster festival. Because aster flowers found in around 600 categories in the world.

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