Benefits of cannabis plant/Indian hemp/Bhang plant

Benefits of cannabis plant. It belongs to the Cannaceae family. It is also referred to as Marijuana Generally, it is a flowering plant.

It is found in two varieties first one is cannabis Sativa and the second one is cannabis Indica. This variety maximum found in India and it’s a subcontinent country.

cannabis Sativa or Indian Hemp common name

Sanskrit name Bhanga, Ganjika. In Greek Cannabis. Different regional names of the cannabis plant, in Hindi Bhang, in Spanish Canamo, in English Hemp, in Japanese Taima, in Bengali Siddhi, in Chinese called Ma, in Arabic called Kinnab or Quinnab.

Chemical Properties of Cannabis

Tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) This is the main chemical compound. If you intake Cannabis Seed. it is an increase, Dupamin Harmon in your body. Dopamine Harmon is known as Happy Harmon. According to the world health organization (WHO), 2.5% of the Population uses it.

Benefits of cannabis plant or Cannabis Indica uses

Its dried leaves and seed oil are widely used in medical science.
• if anyone suffering from ear pain. you can use cannabis plant leaves as a liquid form to get fast relief.
• it is very important to cough.
• it is very very beneficial to Arthritis patients.
• Cannabidiol (CBD) is the element of Cannabis. It helps to protect your body against cancer disease. Cannabidiol removes the side effects of chemotherapy.
• Cannabis help to protect your heart block, and stock.

Cannabis leaves and seed consumption with rule

According to International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). A cannabis product is very in demand in many countries. Because it leaves flowers and seeds are used as Drugs, people intake it the wrong way.

In this case, INCB decided to restrict its selling and consumption. Only use as Cannabis product in Medical science. Various medicine made from it. Example as few Cancer medicines made from it.

What is called Indian Hemp?

the cannabis plant, in Hindi name, is Bhang. It’s many regional names like Sanskrit’s name Bhanga, Ganjika.

What is the common name for Hemp?

Hemp Spanish name is Canamo, in English Hemp, in Japanese Taima, in Bengali Siddhi, in Chinese called Ma, in Arabic called Kinnab or Quinnab.

Is hemp a drug? or Hemp is illegal?

Yes, It is a drug. Its uses as a medicine to cure disease. It has many beneficial properties. Another hand has a bad side. People use Drugs. It is illegal to sell, buy and consume it by (INCB). It only allows medicinally.




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