Canna lily/ canna Indica/ Indian short/ plant all about to grow and care

The Canna lily plant is a flowering plant. It belongs to the Cannaceae family. Its common name of canna lily plant is Canna Indica, in the regional language of India called Kela flower.

Varieties of Canna lily plant flowers
Canna lily plant flower have to popular variety one is red, this so beautiful color. another one is yellow, also this is an amazing flower.

How to identify which plant is red canna lily and which is yellow? what colors do cannas come in
When you buy this plant from the nursery. Watch plant very carefully otherwise you cannot differ those varieties. Which is red or which one is yellow. canna lily varieties. Maximum red then yellow. Red and yellow colors do cannas come in.

canna lily varieties
Canna amabilis :- In this varieties the flower color is red.
Canna bangii:- in this varieties the flower color is orange-red.
Canna discolor:- this varieties of white color flowers coming.
Canna flaccida in this variety flower color yellow.

what is the difference between canna lily and calla lilies
This is no basic difference between canna lily and calla lilies. In some places, people say calla lily or calla flowers. But someplace, people say canna lily.
In the world different types of cannas flowers found.

India short/ canna /kela flower
Indian short/ canna /Kela flowers

what does a canna bulb look like
Canna lily completely looks like a banana fruit plant. These plant leaves are very similar ad banana tree leaves. Also, the canna plant stem is the same as the banana tree stem.

propagation of canna Indica
You can propagate canna lily plant indoors and outdoors
Canna lily plant propagation indoors
In this use would need a pot, Garden soil, and organic compost. It is low maintenance plant. its requirement is very low.
Now mix soil and organic compost, then after canna lily plant transplants in this pot and watch 4 to 7 days your plant starts growing.

Water requirement of a canna plant
Water is very important to growing a plant. But the Canna plant is a very low maintenance plant. This plant no need for more watering. From time to time need water but overwatering is very harmful.

Canna lily care indoors
Pot of Canna flower have the good drainage system
The soil of the canna lily plant is very well
Place of Canna plant in your home need semi shadow.
From time to time need watering.

how to deadhead canna lilies
If you want to more flowering. Then you must do this, deadhead is a process to remove a flowering flower then cut this flower, and that place a new flower start flowering.

Canna Indica flower
Canna Indica flower

canna lily fertilizer
The Canna plant is a very low maintaining plant. It’s no need for more fertilizer.

growing canna from seed
You can grow from seeds in this process first of all if you have available this seed, otherwise purchase its seed. Then you have put it into the water and left 3 to 5 days. Because canna seeds are very hard. after 5 days these seeds are germinating. Know to plant another place like pot and garden.

Another process to germination from seed is seed put in the garden and give water time to time after few days your seed germinated.

what type of soil do canna lilies like
Canna lily plants grow very fast. It needs well-draining soil. When growing in a pot. This plant is spread very fast

what to do with canna lilies after they bloom
Canna lily is a beautiful flower. Many uses of canna flower. Like decoration, make beauty products and some herbal products.

Canna plant spread very fast you can’t aspect. So time to time remove some unnecessary plants and cut.



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