How to grow, care and sell Sandalwood plant

sandalwood is a very important growing sandalwood plant it is very costly and maximum found in South-Eastern India.

sandal plant is fully grown 10 to 20 years per kg price of sandalwood 6000 to 12000 many beauty products and cosmetically made from sandalwood.

 Growing Sandalwood plant weight after 15 or 20 years, 27 tons per hectare.

The largest production of sandalwood in the state of India is Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Karela

Sandalwood oil price in India
In Indian currency sandalwood oil price around 50 to 66 thousand per kg

Medicinal use of sandalwood oil, sandalwood stem, and sandalwood leaves

Sandalwood oil is very costly 65 thousand par kg around many medicines is made from its oil and leaves.

Sandalwood plants for sale
Sandalwood plant is very costly. When you purchase a little plant from a nursery it’s a minimum of 500 to 700 rupes. You can also purchase sandalwood plants or seeds online.

How many types of sandalwood plant in the world
Sandalwood plants found more than 14 species in the world. Its main species are Australian sandalwood and Indian sandalwood. Sandal plant is also two types, white sandalwood plant, and red sandalwood plant.

How to grow sandalwood plant
How to grow sandalwood plant

Is it legal to grow a sandalwood plant?
Yes, everyone to grow sandalwood plant in India legal but not sell another, you can sell this plant only Government.

this is the rule to produce sandalwood in India. The export of sandalwood is banned for Indian people by the government of India. Sandalwood export to other countries only government of India

Sandal plant growing period
Normal a sandal plant growing from seeds minimum 15 to 30 days. After 7 years its plant growing up to 15 ft. After 8 to 9 years sandal plant start fragrant. A sandal plant is ready to uses after 20 years.

How to grow sandalwood plant
You can grow Sandalwood plant from seeds
First of all, buy sandalwood seeds from a recognized agriculture institute.

then after treatment of its seeds through zibleric acid around 5 to 6 hours, because sandalwood cover is very hard after treatment, seed put into garden soil after one month seeds are germinated.

Then after transplant, this plant in a small pot after 3 to 7 months also transplant into your garden. But one thing is to remember sandalwood plants not absorbed like nitrogen, minerals many more from the soil.

In this case, when you planting a sandalwood plant that time maintains a sequence of one sandalwood plant or tore plant.

if you haven’t tore plant you can plant another plant because which nutrition haven’t sandal plant that particular nutrition is taken from the near tore plant.

Which types of problems come cultivation of the sandalwood plant.
When your plant age five years, this time your sandalwood starts to create heartwood. This is the main part of sandalwood.

The main problem of sandalwood cultivation is plant thefts because everyone knows very well sandalwood plant is very costly.

Production of sandalwood

Indian sandalwood demand in the international market very high but production of Sandalwood in India is very low India is the biggest production of Sandalwood in the world and the second-largest production of Sandalwood in the world is Australia.

Uses of sandalwood
oil very demandable oil it’s the price in international market 65000 per kg.

many beauty products and cosmetic things made from sandalwood.
Many medicinal properties found in sandalwood oil.

A growing sandalwood plant
A growing sandalwood plant

Most important and vital uses of Sandalwood fragrance and scented things like sandal Dhoop Kathi sandal soap sandal scent.

You can apply sandalwood as a paste to your face because Sandalwood is cold in nature.

Is sandalwood is good for your skin?
Yes, sandalwood is very important to the skin because sandalwood is very cold in nature many skin-related problems removed using sandalwood paste.

Sandalwood tree and snake
Everyone says sandalwood plants and snakes have very close relations. Snake has lived on sandalwood tree because sandalwood plant is very cold in nature.

another hand Snake has very hot in nature. Snake-like very most sandalwood plant but it is not true. no anyone scientific reason to snake-like most sandalwood plant.

This is completely false news. Some ever it is possible sandalwood is very costly. To save theft sandalwood plant few people say snake always covered sandalwood plant. It is only a rumor.


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