How to make herbal colours at home/ Home made organic Holi/Holi with herbal colours

What is herbal colors?
Colors made from plant leaves, roots, stems, and flowers called herbal colors. You can also be called organic colors

What is chemical colors?
Colors made from zink, Pb, mercuric oxides, soil any other chemical compounds called chemical colors.

Side effects of chemical colors?
In the sense of looking chemical colors are very deep and attractive.

chemical colors did not remove very easily but chemical colors have very bad side effects.

using chemical colors rashes and pimples rise in your skin. Sometimes to start allergy in your skin.

Chemical colors are very dangerous to your hair and your eyes. Sometimes small drops of chemical colors get in your eyes it may be possible you lost your sight.

Herbal colors are very popular nowadays why?
If you are using herbal colors. It has no side effects compared to chemical colors.

Herbal colors cost is very low. You can make herbal colors at your home. It very easy to use and also very easy to remove but chemical colors are not removed very easily.

For this reason, herbal color is very popular on this day or any festival season.

Herbal colours made from home
homemade herbal colors


How to make natural colors from flowers?
You can make various colors from flowers. now we are making yellow colors from flowers.

In this process, we are taking Mari gold’s flowers at least 20 to 25 pieces remove the green part of the flower, and pluck out every petal. Now two Littles water take it in a pot, and Marigolds flower petals put into the water, and then after start oven and boiling 10 to 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes to leave it for cooling then mix all Marigolds petals using our hands now you can see your watercolor change in yellow color now your herbal color is ready to use.

Using this process you can also make many colors like as if you want red color then you can select any red flowers and done above process your red color is ready. Using this process you can found various herbal colors.

How to make herbal Gulal ( herbal color powder) homemade?
In this process, we should need someone like cornflour is easily available in your market. For the green color, I am using a spinach plant. For the red color, I am using beetroot. For making yellow color I am using turmeric.

Now first of all for green color spinach plant leaves cut and wash clear water then after grinding its leaves using mixture Machin one thing remember do not give more water now you spinach ( palak) liquid is ready.

The same process repeats for red color beetroot and its liquid is ready. Once again for turmeric powder mix in one-liter water in a pot now you can take powder of cornflower separately – separate mix red, yellow, the green color of the liquid and each pot and 4 to 5 hours leave it after few hours it is ready to use herbal gulag.

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