Mose rose: plant care & guide/Portulaca grandiflora/ 9 o’ clock

Portulaca grandiflora is a very beautiful flower. Portulaca grandiflora also known many names like as 9 o’clock flower, moss rose, the sun rose 10 o’clock flower. This is a warm reason plant. you can also say Portulaca grandiflora is a summer plant.
portulaca grandiflora in hindi
Portulaca grandiflora flower is called in hindi Nabochi gress

Portulaca grandiflora belong to Portulacaceae family. It is native plant to Argentina and maxico.

The blooming time of Portulaca grandiflora or moss rose flowering season in India
9 o’clock flowers growing March to November but the main blooming time is April to September.Portulaca.

portulaca Grandiflora flowers varieties
This found various colors and many varieties like portulaca Japanese rose is a very popular variety. Another very famous variety is Chinese moss rose fower and also very popular portulaca Grandiflora is Indian moss flower.

Portulaca flower image
Portulaca flower image

fertilizer for moss rose
portulaca Grandiflora plant flower no needs more fertilizer. If you want more flowers then use DAP for more flowering.
You can grow moss rose indoor and outdoor.
Mose rose plant you can grow using seeds otherwise growing using plant stem or also growing in water

growing portulaca Grandiflora/moss rose/9 o’clock from seed
Growing Portulaca Grandiflora or Moss rose to plant indoor or outdoor if u want to grow in a pot then first of all most important thing is soil. Now in soil 50% garden soil, 30% cow dung compost, 20 % Vermic compost mix all things. your soil is ready to use now seeds are given in the pot. One thing in remembers seed is not sowing deep. Then light watering is very important this time. After 5 to 9 days the new plant is germinated. after 15 to 20 days you can transplant another place, 9 o’clock flower seed is very important to Gardner.

growing portulaca  9 o clock/moss rose/9 o’clock from stem
After germination the plant or after 20 days you can cut its stem and plant in your pot or hanging tub after few days your plant is growing. Someplace you see a moss rose garden. It is very beautiful. portulaca Japanese rose is a very popular species of 9 o’clock plant. Another variety is the Chinese portulaca Grandiflora plant.

How to grow Portulaca from cuttings
You can also grow moss rose plants using cutting. This method cut the stem of the rose plant and plant in a pot. From time to time watering the plant after a few days plant starts growing.

moss rose in water
portulaca Grandiflora flower you can also grow in water. This flower stem

pruning moss rose
Pruning is very important to growing a plant. In the case of Mose rose, also pruning very important to growing

Mose rose colors
portulaca Grandiflora or 9 o’clock flower found many colors like red, yellow, pink, orange, white, blue.

portulaca Grandiflora flower/ the moss rose online
This is a very beautiful Flowers. These flowers attract everyone. These flowers found many different colors. You can also buy online this flower on many different sites. If you want to see
moss roses near me then you can on your internet on your GPS on mobile and search, now you found many addresses which place this flower sell.

Picture of portulaca flower
Picture of portulaca flower

Orange moss rose seeds online shopping
You can purchase moss rose seed in the seed shop. otherwise, you can also purchase moss seed online.

9 o’clock or portulaca flower care
Mose rose or 9 o’clock flower no need more care. For this flower, water is very essential but no need for overwatering. This is a summer plant. It is growing very well in the warm season but very warm reason or time it stopped flowering.

Portulaca flower uses
Moss rose is a very beautiful flower. It’s attracted everyone to her beauty. It is the best decorative flowers. It’s grown up indoors and outdoor. It is a herbal plant. Many herbal products made from this plant and its flowers. This plant or flower is not poisonous for cats and dogs. But the human being is not eating indirect form.

Portulaca plant or flowers problem
The main problem of the portulaca flower plant is flower is not coming this a general problem of this plant for solving this problem first of all check your pot water drainage system. Portulaca or moss rose plant is a low watering plant. when you have given more water, the plant is affected by a fungal and bacterial disease.  the plant needs sandy soil if your plant not flowering or growing well then change your soil. Avoid pinching. Never given chemical fertilizer.

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