Petunia flowers: how to grow and care

Petunia flowers how to grow and care
Petunia flowers belong to the Solanales family, genus petunia. These flowers found more than sixteen species.

This is a very beautiful flower of the winter region. It’s found the various color of flowers like red, yellow, blue, green, purple and many others color.

The physical form of petunia flowers

Petunia flower maximum height of the plant is two feet. Its stems are very soft and it is found the various color.

Sunlight requirement of petunia flowers
Petunia required at least four to five hours in a single day, petunia flowers like full sunlight but not like the maximum temperature of sunlight.

Water requirement of petunia flowers
Petunia is a Cold region plant, this plant no needs more watering. It’s required water sometimes, it is not growing well more watering.

Sunny sunlight of petunia flower growing
The petunia flower needs four to five hours of sunlight in a single day to growing very well.

It’s no need for more sunlight, this plant avoids hot temperature.

How to care for petunia indoors
A petunia flower grows at home in a pot and container, petunia grows well indoors it needs no more water and sunlight.

When can plant petunia flower care about something need good soil, well drainage pot or container, need semi shadow place, vermicompost, etc.

How to care for petunia flowers
It is a very beautiful flower of winter but it is found in various seasons like winter season petunia, summer season petunia, rainy season petunia.

after planting petunia two days keep it a shadow, the soil is an essential part of any flower.

But in the case of petunia, soil also important but not giving full soil in the pot, not need more water and more sunlight.

How to grow petunia flower
Growing petunia flower many ways first growing petunia from seeds, second growing petunia from cutting and growing petunia from transplant.

Growing petunia from seeds
In this process, we take soil 50 percent, 20 percent vermicompost, 20 percent cocopeat, 10 percent cow dung compost.

first dry it and then mix it very carefully. Now you give some water in this pot, in this water you have given anti-fungal chemical to protect your plant.

now you are given petunia seeds in this soil in-depth one inch. Given water around the seeds.

Now five or six days after you can see a new plant germinate.

Growing Petunia from cutting:-
In this process select a Petunia plant, in this plant a stem cut for plantation one thing care

when you cutting stem petunia flowers. The stem is cutting through a knife and cut cross and now you planting a pot when you pre-ready to everything

like soil, compost, water, cocopeat. Now planting this cutting in this pot. After two weeks you can see this cutting stem alive and growing.

Growing Petunia from transplanting:-
In this process a small petunia plant that germinates from seeds in your pots.

or otherwise, you can take a small plant from a plant nursery, you can be planted indoors in pots and containers.

Second, if you have a garden. You can plantation petunia plant in the garden.

If you are using in Commerical uses then you can propagation at a very large scale which means you need land to agriculture.

Hence petunia is a very beautiful flower. It found many colors and many seasons.

like winter petunia, summer petunia, it’s beauty attract everyone. In this way, petunia is a very important flower.

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