Snapdragon flowers/ dog’s flowers

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What are snapdragon flowers/ dog flowers?
The physical form of snapdragon flowers
How to grow Snapdragonbtd flowers
How to care of snapdragon flowers
Diseases of the snapdragon flower

What is the snapdragon flower?
This is a very beautiful perennial flower. Its botanical name Antirrhinum majus and family Plantaginaceae. It is a native plant of Europe, America. Snapdragon flower means it looks like dragon head that’s reason called snapdragon, it looks like dogs mouth also that’s reason called dogs mouth flowers.

The physical form of the Snapdragon flower
Snapdragon flower many types, each type height ten inches to sixteen inches. Some other Snapdragon flower height eight to thirteen inches. Snapdragon plants growing well in two seasons winter season and summer season. Snapdragon plant flowers look like a dragon head and dogs’ mouths.

How much sun for Snapdragon flower
Snapdragon flower required full sunlight but it depends on the place. When cold place it required five to six hours in a single day. But when the hottest place avoids more sunlight, a warm place time to Snapdragon flowers good for morning and evening sunlight. This time sunlight good for this plant.

How tall Snapdragon flower grow
Snapdragon flowers tall around one Feet to three feet, but in some cases, their height is dependent on place and latitudes, temperature, and soil.

Snapdragon flowers/dogs flowers

How do Snapdragon flowers grow
Some Snapdragon flower varieties 1. Summer Snapdragon flowers it is usually blooming June to September

Common Snapdragon flowers
In this variety flowers blooming annual most of Snapdragon flower belong to this category most popular variety of Dwarf variety.

Rocket variety
Rocket variety of Snapdragon flower is the tallest variety of all flowers

Some name of Snapdragon flowers
Butterfly Snapdragon flowers, la Bella Snapdragon, Tahiti Snapdragon flowers, Sonet Snapdragon flowers, black prince Snapdragon flowers.

How to plant Snapdragon seeds
In this process, you need Snapdragon seeds. You can buy these flower seeds from the market or online shop now you can plant these seeds indoors when they germinate, then transplant other places.

how long does it take for snapdragon seeds to germinate
Snapdragon flowers have a low germination process. Good quality Snapdragon flower seeds take six to thirteen days to germinate from seeds.

how do Snapdragon flowers grow or antirrhinum from seeds
This is the best way to germinate Snapdragon or dog flowers. In this process, you need a pot, garden soil 50 Percentage, 25 percentage vermicompost, rest of chemical, and organic material. Mix all thing’s in a pot it has a good drainage system. Now Snapdragon flower seeds are given in the pot. Now water is given in this pot, one thing remembers no more watering this plant. After few days Antirrhinum or Snapdragon plant germinates from seeds. But germination process is very slow. In this process, you can sow Snapdragon from the seed.

how long do snapdragons bloom
Snapdragon flowers blooming for a long time. These flowers start blooming for the month of December to mid-April. These flowers are blooming around 120 days. When the temperature is heated, this flower stop blooming, and when after temperature getting down Snapdragon flower starts blooming.

Antirrhinum majus flowers

How keep snapdragons blooming at a long time
For long time blooming some important tip’s

For More flowering pinching is very important.
Always remove the deadhead of this plant.
Give time to time watering.

how to care for snapdragons in pots
Care about Snapdragon flowers in a pot.
1. pot has a good drainage system.
2. Time to time need watering.
3. When sowing this plant, no deep sowing.
4. Soil need always moisture.
5. Pot size five to eight inches.

how long do snapdragons take to grow
Snapdragon flowers growing time November to April it’s a total time of growing, germinate from seed to blooming and dead of Snapdragon flower around one hundred fifty days.

how to take care of snapdragons flowers

Snapdragon flowers are grown as annual. It is growing in various colors. If your plant sow in a garden then protects your plant from animals.

2. Give water from time to time no overwatering.
3. Pinch the top of the flower too well growing
4. Remove deadhead leaves and flowers
5. Snapdragon flowers need 15 to 26 degrees temperature to grow well.
6. Avoid very hot temperature in this temperature Snapdragon flowers stopped blooming
7. Fertilize your plant
8. Protect your snapdragon flower from pests and any disease.


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