Use of Tulsi plant || How to grow and care Tulsi plant||

What is Tulsi? Tulsi is a herbal plant. This is an Indian and subcontinental plant. In India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, this plant is known as the Tulsi plant. In English, the tulsi plant called Holy Basil.

The scientific name of Tulsi plant:- Ocimum tenuiflorum is Tulsi plant scientific name, it is a Lamiaceae family plant.

Types of Tulsi:- In India and global Tulsi found different- different kinds of Tulsi like as white Tulsi, Black or Shyama Tulsi, Rama Tulsi, sweet Basil, lemon Basil, Kapoor Tulsi

Growing Tulsi or growing holy Basil:- Tulsi plant hight less than one feet to maximum five feet water requirement of Tulsi plant no more water required this plant. You can be watering this plant weekend for two and three days when you planting this plant.

Soil requirement of Tulsi:- you can use garden soil according to your need, you can take some sand, some dust off cock, Bio compost, neem trees dry leaves this leaves to protect against fungus and bacteria mix all things and planting Tulsi plant.

Sunlight requirement of tulsi plant:-Tulsi plant or Holy Basil plant needs full sunlight to grow very well. Which Tulsi is best for home usually all Tulsi plant same purpose but best Tulsi plant is black Tulsi you can say another name Shyama Tulsi.

White tulsi
White tulsi

important Use of Tulsi:- 1. Tulsi plant is very important for our natural balance because this 24 Hour gives oxygen gas this very important to human. Tulsi plant is a shrub plant. 2. If you worship God Vishnu you most need Tulsi leaves because this plant leaf is very famous to worship God Vishnu. 3. In India every house you will found a Tulsi plant. In Indian culture Thousand of years ago, Indian people know the Tulsi plant and worship the Tulsi plant signs a good mascot.

4. In the sense of the Veda Tulsi plant comes Happiness, prosperity, And peace. According to Ayurveda Tulsi plant is a queen of the herb because of how many benefits found using this plant in Ayurveda no one ayurvedic plant have these types of health and medicinal benefits. For this reason, the Tulsi plant called the mother medicine of nature. You can keep your home in a small pot

Medicinal use of Tulsi:- 1. scientifically many medicinal properties found in Tulsi plant. 2.In this plant has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties found, and many beneficiary components found like vitamin A, C, E, K That vitamins is very important to our health. 3. Also find minerals like Mg, Cu, Zn, Ca, Na, iron found in Tulsi.

4. If you eat Tulsi leaves you can protect against a few diseases. 5.Tulsi plants have anti-allergy properties, 6. if you suffering from any allergy you can use Tulsi. 7. If someone suffering from Dengue you can use these Tulsi leaves as Tulsi tea. 8. If you suffering from Malaria you can use Tulsi leaves by direct eating his leaves another way you can use Tulsi tea. can also be called herbal tea. 10. If u suffering from a bacterial disease you can use it. 11. Tulsi has antioxidants properties that are control of blood pressure.12 If u suffering from any heart disease you can use Tulsi leaves as early morning on empty stomach sure you can get relief. 13. If you are suffering from sugar or diabetes definitely you are using Tulsi leaves as Tulsi tea.  14. Health benefits of drinking Tulsi water in the morning you can be suffering respiratory system problem you can drink Tulsi water.

Benefits of Tulsi for skin:- Tulsi has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties you can make Tulsi paste using Tulsi leaves, rose oil, and sandalwood. Mix all things and paste  When your paste is ready you can use this paste in your check and mouth. This process is doing weekend 2 or 3 days after a few days you can get the result and this process you are removing pimples.

The side effect of Tulsi:- You can not eat Tulsi leaves many more in a single day because of Tulsi decrease sugar level very fast. If you are eating the maximum number of Tulsi leaves per day may be possible it is affecting your brain you can also feel weakness and also slow down your blood circulation system. A doctor advised the pregnant woman to don’t take Tulsi as a tea and powder Tulsi is affecting fertility power. If you using any pain relief medicine and also use Tulsi it may be possible it is affecting his liver.

How to make Tulsi oil or Basil oil at home using tulsi plant and its seeds:- in this process you can take Tulsi leaves and Tulsi seeds, then you can wash in fresh water and also take Turmeric powder both mix it in a pot and crush it his leaves now start ovens and heating a pot when the pot is completely heated then give mastered oil or Coconut oil when oil is heating then give Turmeric power and give your crushed Tulsi and turmeric, after few minutes look at this your oil color changes as green now switch off your stove and now your Tulsi oil or Basil oil is ready to use.

Use of Tulsi oil or Benefits of Tulsi oil:- 1 when you suffering cold and fever, influenza, and black cough you can use Tulsi oil.
2. Removing pimples if someone suffering from check pimples you make a paste using sandal Wood, neem leaves turmeric powder and Tulsi oil this paste using on to your check.
3. Using Tulsi oil your skin makes smooth and bright.
4. When you suffering from hair dandruff you can use this oil on your hair to remove dandruff.
5. Tulsi oil using as pain relief.
6. If you are suffering from digestive and back pain problems you can use Tulsi oil.

Eating Tulsi leaves:- if you are suffering any type of allergy you can eat a few Tulsi leaves.

tulsi for anxiety and depression:- if you suffering anxiety and depression you can use it.
Tulsi plant is called in Urdu Tukhmalanga.

Tulsi leaves for cough and how to make Tulsi kadha or how to make Tulsi Tea:- if you are suffering a cough, cold, and fever you can use Tulsi kadha how to make Tulsi kadha. The material of Tulsi kadha Tulsi plant leaves, Turmeric powder, salt according to your need, ginger, black pepper and one glass of water now start the oven and one-pot sit the oven, in the pot one glass of water and given Tulsi leaves, salt, turmeric powder, and black pepper and ginger after given this thing boil 10 to 15 minutes you can watch carefully your Tulsi kadha or Tulsi tea is ready to drink. Tulsi tea is very important to a person who wants to lose weight.


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