Alamanda plant flowers in the Apocynaceae family .this plant maximum found in America Mexico.

This family flowers the maximum yellow and some pink. Allamanda plant called various name is regional language.

allamandaplant called in Bengali language Harkakra and allamanda plant flowers called in Hindi language Pilaghanti.

The physical form of allamanda plant:- flower color Pink, pink Some flowers colors green. Allamanda plant height 1 to 5 meters. This is a shrub plant

Allamanda plant is flowering or not:- Yes allamanda plant is flowering very well. Allamanda plant is not poisonous. We are using this plant and its flower in Ayurveda.

Allamanda plant flowering season:- allamanda plant is blooming during the summer and rainy season.

How to grow allamanda plant:– Allamanda plant growing very fast because it is shrubby plant requirement of growing fast for allamanda plant need full sunlight, well soil and water.

This s a shrub plant growing with support like walls, pillars,s, etc.

Allamanda flower image
               Allamanda plant flower

How to propagate allamanda plant:- many ways to propagate allamanda plant

USE OF PLANT:- allamanda plant flowers use traditional medicine use to treat liver tumors, jaundice, and malaria. allamanda is a very good flower we use home to decorate, marriage house decorates, allamanda plant flowers use for puja and prayer. Some herbal product is made from allamanda. Allamanda root is very important to prevent jaundice. Allamanda flower is a very fragrant flower many beauty products produce allamanda flower.

How to buy allamanda flower:- if buy allamanda flower remembers always buy fresh flower and leaves are also fresh. Because the seller keeps it stores many more days and use the chemical to keep it fresh.

HOW TO CARE THIS PLANT:- You can plantation this plant in your land, you can also plant this flower in your home or farmhouse in-home or flat you can plantation in the tub.

WHY SAVE THIS FLOWER:- 1.Fot natural balance 2. The plant is very important for human and the atmosphere, this plant plays a very important role to save our nature.

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