Argyreia nervosa plant flower/ Elephant creeper plant flower/ Vidhara plant

Argyreia Nervosa is a creeper plant. It has been lots of medicinal properties.

It’s scientific name Argyreia nervosa. Its common name is elephant creeper.

This is an Indian subcontinental plant, found in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, India. This plant is very close to the Convolvulaceae family.

Elephant creeper called in different languages

This plant biological name Argyreia nervosa. It’s a common name Elephant creeper and Wolly morning.

In the Nepali language, this flower called Samudraphal. In the Urdu language called Samandarsotha. This plant called in Hindi Vidhara plant.

What is the Elephant creeper plant and how to grow

This is a creeper plant. It is growing very fast. The elephant creeper plant is growing 12 months a year.

Maximum this plant is growing in forest and Costa area in River. you can also see this creeper plant on the side of the railway line, side highway.

Also, this plant growing in River, pod, old well you can see this plant on the water surface.

Physical form of Argyreia Nervosa or elephant creeper plant

This is a creeper plant. grow very fast and growing all season in a year. Its flowers color white and pink.

Its flowers 5 to 12 cm tall, the outer part of the flower is white and the inner part of the flower is pink and violet colors.

Argyreia nervosa/elephant creeper plant
Argyreia Nervosa/elephant creeper plant

Benefits of Argyreia Nervosa or Elephant creeper r Elephant creeper is bitter and hot in taste. It is digesting very fast.

This plant’s leaves and flowers are using cough remover. Humen bones are getting very strong if using Argyreia Nervosa.

It is very useful for Alshar disease.

If someone suffering blood a related problem you can use it.

Elephant creeper plant is very important who suffers internal damage of our bodies this plant leaves have anti-bacterial properties.

If any type of pain in your body you can use it.

In case of bleeding this creeper plant is very beneficial.

In Ayurveda, we only use elephant creeper plant seeds. By

somebody asked is elephant creeper plant poisonous answer no this plant is not poisonous they have many medicinal properties.

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