Balsam plant flowers: grow, care and propagation

Balsam plant flowers’ scientific name is impatiens Blasamina, common name Do not touch. This plant is very closely related to this plant family Balsaminaceae.

This plant’s main origin in India and its sub-Continental countries. Balsam flowers called Himalayan Balsam flowers because This flower found in Himalayan areas.

The physical structure of the Balsam plant:-
Balsam plants grow annually.

It plants tall around 15 to 80 cm. Balsam plant stem is soft, a flower found many colors like red, pink, purple.

Balsam flowers growing tips
Balsam flowers you can grow indoors and outdoors.

The Balsam plant is a medium-high plant. This plant stem is not spreading. This plant spread 8 to 10 inches.

The blooming time of the Balsam flower
It is blooming around two or three times a year.

It is blooming in the spring season also this is blooming in the summer season.

How to propagation Balsam plant flowers
Balsam plants propagate from seeds. You can propagate indoor and outdoor.

Seeds covered 1/3 inches of soil. Required sunlight and water after 10 to 15 days a new baby plant grow up.

Balsam plant flowers
Balsam plant flowers

Soil requirement of Balsam plant
50% garden soil, 25% cocopeat, and 25% organic fertilizer, mix all things in a pot now your soil is ready to use.

Himalayan balsam plant
It is also a balsam plant but is different in looking. It short a high plant and its flower and fruit are also small in size.

The Himalayan Balsamina flower is looking very beautiful.

Type of Balsamina flowers
Japanese balsam plant, Chinese balsam plant, Indian balsam plant, Nepali Balsam plant. Balsam red flower is very attractive to other balsam flowers.

Balsam plant and flower online buy
Balsam is amazing and attractive and a very beautiful plant flower.

If you want to purchase a plant, you can purchase from the nursery. If you want to purchase flowers you can go to any flower shop but now a day the online purchase is very popular mainly, any developed country like the USA, UK, 92% things any develop country purchase by online.

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