Bauhinia Variegate plantflower| Kanchnar plant flower| uses of Bauhinia Variegate|

Bauhinia plant Flowers. It is a very beautiful flower found in maximum countries.

This flower called various names the scientific name of this plant is Bauhinia variegata.

It belongs to the Fabaceae family plant. It is maximum found in Asian countries it is called an Asian flower.

The different- different name of the Bauhinia variegata plant

These flowers have called many names
Kanchnar, orchid plant, Kanchan, called in English mount ebony, in Sanskrit Kanchanara.

Physical form of an orchid tree or Bauhinia variegata plant

Kanchnar plant at least 20 to 40 ft tall, and 8 to 18 ft wide. It fruits a size of 7 cm and the flower has five petals.

Bauhinia variegata
Bauhinia variegata

Colour of Bauhinia variegata or kanchnar flowers

These flowers found various colors white, yellow,
The pink color of Bauhinia variegata is very popular in the pink color of Kanchnar flowers found two colors one is the reddish-pink and the second one is purple-pink.

Flowering time of Kanchnar flower

Bauhinia variegata flowering time is last of winter January to February. Some Bauhinia variegata plant flowering in the summer season.

How to grow Bauhinia variegata or orchid plant or rancher plant

You can grow using seeds on a pot. Also, you can grow in your garden.

This plant required full sunlight, the water requirement of this plant is in winter needs low watering but months of summer need more watering from time to time.

If your plant affecting bacteria then you can using neem plant leaves to remove any affecting your plant.

Medicinel value of Bauhinia variegata or kanchnar plant

This flower all parts like flower, stem, leaves, roots that have medicinal properties.

If you are suffering from any skin disease like pimples, wounds, you can use it

It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

If you are suffering from jaundice and a liver-related problem you can use Kanchnar leaves as juice to cure it.

If your mouth is smelling, you can use it as gargling to fresh your mouth.

If anyone suffering from disease diarrhea, that time use it to remove this disease.

Sometimes we are not feeling hungry for a very long time, in the time you can use as a juice form after few days you feel very high thrusting and hungry.

Mount ebony flowers
Mount ebony flowers

Ayurvedic use of Bauhinia ( Kanchnar ) plant

If you are suffering from weakness, you can use it.

Diabetes patients use as the form of juice, to control diabetes.

If someone feels vomiting continue, that time you can use it.

If you are using its plant park as a powder in Kadha it is very useful for our bodies because it has anti-bacterial properties.

If you are facing urine related problem you can use it, it’s seeded in powder form. In one Glass of water, one gram of powder mixes and drink it. You feel very good after few days.

Conclusion Kanchnar or Bauhinia is very useful to plant. We are using this plant’s stem, root leaves as medicine.

In the old science of Indian Ayurveda, this plant is very important to cure ma any disease. Also, these plant flowers are very beautiful. it is a very attractive plant.

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