Benefits of fresh mint tea

What is mint tea?
It is a very delicious and very refreshing herbal fresh mint tea. It is also called pudina chai in India. Mint tea is caffeine-free herbal tea.

Ingredient of fresh mint tea
Few mint leaves, two cups of water it’s depends on your need, two tps of sugar, 1/2 tsp tea leaf, 1/5 part of a lemon, honey for amazing taste.

How to make mint tea

First of all, We take a pot, in this pot give two cups of water and few mint leaves. Now switch on your heat or oven.

After 3 minutes give two tsp of sugar and boil 5 to 8 minutes. Now give 1/2 tsp tea leaf and honey finally your mint tea is ready to drink.

Mint/pudina tea
Mint/pudina tea

Suggestions for mint tea
It is not a fixed ingredient of mint tea. Whatever you like you can use it like lemon, ginger, honey.

Benefits of fresh mint tea
Mint tea is very popular with its taste. It is a very delicious herbal plant.
● To control five menthols is an ingredient of the mint plant. Menthol is very cold in nature. if you drink mint tea, sweat comes out and your body feels cool internally.

● Healthy digest system:- mint tea, increase the digest system in your body. Also, release gas in your stomach.

● To control vomiting:- mint tea has antispasmodic elements it is controlling vomiting possibility.


● Increase immunity system:- mint tea has Vitamin B, calcium, antioxidant properties. It increases our immunity.

● Remove mouth smell:- menthol is an element of the mint plant. Its properties have refreshed and cool, removing smelling element from your mouth.

Mouth freshness product found in the market like Menthol chocolate, menthol chewing gum etc.


● To control diabetes:- mint tea has antioxidant properties that control sugar level.

Mint tea is very effective To control the cholesterol level of your body.

● For good sleeping mint tea is very use full.

● It is very used fully to stop hair fall.
mint tea is very useful for skin related problems.

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