Biodiversity, why is biodiversity important for human lives

Biodiversity definition:- variety of living forms in different- different forms and different regions called Biodiversity. That means in a particular region plant, animal, bird, insect, micro organism combinedly is called Biodiversity. It belongs to all living things like terrestrial, aquatic, and arboreal those are contributing to biodiversity.

types of biodiversity:-

Genetic Diversity:- Genes found in living organisms. It is a carrier of some properties from one generation to another generation. Like from parents to his child. In living organisms, varieties of Genes are found. such as in human height, face, and virtues, differ from others.

Genes carry properties from one generation to another generation. That is the reason, one human is different from others in different ways. Such as look, height, and weight. You have seen varieties of dogs found as Bulldogs, German shepherds, labradors many more.

Sea water biodiversity

species Diversity:- Varieties of the species found in a particular area called Species Diversity. Like as Fish is a Species but various kinds of fish such as Golden Fish, Catfish, Trout Fish many more that is the diversity of Species. Other forms of likes cats, Dogs, etc.

Ecosystem Diversity:- plants and animals live together in a chain. This food chain is necessary for survival on Earth. it is called ecosystem Diversity. In this system flora and fauna play an important role to balance ecosystem diversity.

Suppose that in a food chain who eats whom. Such as an insect eats the grass, a frog eats the inset, a snake eats the frog, wks eat
To snake. Our ecosystem must balance. Biodiversity hotspots:- A particular species found in that particular area.

That species is not found in other places on the earth that are called hotspots of biodiversity. The biodiversity Hotspot number is 36 on earth. This 36 biodiversity hotspot covered 2.4% of land on the earth. Why are 36 biodiversity hotspots found on the earth?

Few important criteria for biodiversity hotspots like as.
@ That particular area,0.5% and around 1500 in endemic species found in that particular region.

@At least 70% loss of primary vegetation ( habitat degradation)
These two criteria are followed, which are called hotspots of biodiversity.

  1. biodiversity example:-
    Himalayan region of biodiversity, Indo Burma region of biodiversity, Caribbean region of biodiversity.

How many biodiversity hotspots are in India
In India 4 biodiversity hotspots

Himalayan region of biodiversity:- 30% of endemic species are found in this area.

Western region of biodiversity:-it is a World Heritage site. It is the coastal part of Gujarat to Kerala including Sri Lanka. Specialization of this area is reptiles and amphibians species found in this area.

Indo Burma region of biodiversity:- It is belong to the northeast state of India except for Assam. In these areas rain falling is very high that’s the reason this is very rich in endemic species. This area specializes in freshwater turtles species found. This area covered some parts of Nepal Bhutan, Burma, China, and Vietnam.

Sundaland: this area included Andaman and Nicobar, Malaysia Singapore Philippines.

Biodiversity loss:-

Habitat loss for this reason we are destroyed native places of particular species. We are destroying forests for our needs. That is the reason we are losing endemic species.

Human activity is responsible for biodiversity loss
Population increases are also a cause of Biodiversity loss.

Global warming is also a cause of Biodiversity loss.

Threats to Biodiversity
A. Deforestation > when we are cutting plants, forest many species lost their natural homes. Deforestation is very harmful to plants and species that live in this forest. B. Destruction of wetlands > It is happened due to flooding and pollution.

C. Illegal trade on wildlife in that case illegal hunting and animal illegal trade is a great challenge to save these animals. Man according to our needs we are killing animals for illegal international trade purposes. This is a very important cause of threats to biodiversity.

D. Production of drugs > many medicinal plants found in this region. We mostly use this plant for medicinal purposes. For that reason, many plant species reach endemic conditions.

Biodiversity Number of species:- Around 1.7 to 1.9 million organisms are present on the Earth.

. Biodiversity conservation:- government legislation act. It is important rules for the conservation of biodiversity 1. forest act 2. environment protection act 3. fishery act 4. forest conservation act 5. wildlife conservation act

Conservation there in places like National parks, and wildlife sanctuaries, our government declared some biodiversity areas as the biosphere. This means no human activity is allowed in this area. This is the preservation of our biodiversity.

Conservation of biodiversity from one place to another place like a Zoological park. For conservation of plants in the botanical garden. For research of plants in forest institution. For agriculture research from the agriculture research center

  1. How is climate change affecting
    Climate change is the main cause of reduced biodiversity. Many factors are responsible to affect biodiversity. Human activity is the cause of climate change. Many species can no longer survive in their current location. If those species did not migrate to another place, they do not survive.

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