Calendula flowers : care, growth and health benefits

Calendula flowers are very attractive and beautiful flowers. calendula words coming from Latin mean the first day of the month.   Calendula’s common name is English pot Marigolds, in Punjabi, this flower called Gul-Sarfi, in Urdu called Gul-e- Ashrafi, and its botanical name is Calendula officinalis.

These very beautiful flowers in winter. This is an Asteraceae family flower. This flower maximum found in Europe and England, mainly this is a cold or winter season flowers. In the sense of looking at calendula flowers and Marigolds, the flower is the same but when you are looking very close then you understand it’s different.

calendula plant shape, flower size, and its color:-Calendula is a seasonal plant, they come every year. Calendula plants size five to twenty-two inches, it’s flowers in many colors, yellow, orange.

                                    Blooming time of calendula flowers

Its main blooming time of calendula November to march, after April and mid-May this plant flowers falling but it is dependent on place and temperature because it is winter season flowers. After falling it’s come back every year

How to grow calendula plant Calendula is growing annually, so calendula is a seasonal plant. It is a very beautiful flower in the winter season.

  Calendula growing conditions

Soil requirement for calendula plants growing 70 percent of garden soil and 30 percentage cocopeat, cocopeat holds moisture, calendula grows very well in moisture. Calendula plant soil temperature 10 to 15 degrees required.

Water requirement:-

no need more watering the calendula plant because it is a winter season plant.

Calendula flowering or blooming time:- calendula flowering time between 45 days to 60 days.

Calendula flowers variety:- Banbog, calypso, Pacific beauty, flashback, prince

Calendula plant germination:- when soil is ready then you put in calendula seeds in the pot and time to time watering this plant. Calendula plant germinates a new plant after 8 to 10 days Another way if you have a small newborn calendula plant, then you transplant it. Calendula germination time August to January.

                                                                            How to calendula grow pot

This plant is also growing pot very well because its plant roots do not grow fast. The sunlight requirement of the calendula plant is very important to grow, its minimum requirement of sunlight is four to six hours in a single day. Water requirement of calendula plant, it’s no needs more watering, because it is winter flowers.

Calendula flower plant

                                                                Calendula plants care

when a calendula plant growing, you need full sunlight in winter, but in summer didn’t need more sunlight. From time to time need water but did not need more. The soil needs very good quality as garden soil, warmi compost but no need chemical fertilizer. It is short hight plants it’s no need for very big pots to growing. Calendula plant germinates from seeds. It’s the best germination time from November to march.

Uses of calendula plant:- we are using these flowers as a paste, as a tincture form, as fresh juice in oil form.

Health benefits of calendula plant or uses of calendula flowers Calendula has Ani- viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatories, antibacterial, antigenotoxic properties.

  • Produce cream lotion and cosmetic products.
  • It has antiseptic property this relief for skin related problem like as any cut and scratch, pimples, rashes.
  • Use as an antiseptic medicine

  Calendula flower use as Homeopathic medicine

eany type of wound, cut and itching calendula flower gives instant relief.

  • It is using as a calendula mother tincture.
  • Calendula Homeopathic medicine is made from calendula flower.

How to make calendula oil

It is very important to skin and any cut and wound-related problem. To make calendula oil you can use calendula flowers. Cut this calendula flower with the help of scissors and pluck The flower petals, leave the petal to dry. These petals get dry around 10 to 15 days, now you take a pot and take some dry calendula flower petals, and almond or coconut oil Mixed it on pot or container and keep it for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks and sieve this oil now your oil ready to use.

calendula spiritual uses of calendula:- calendula is very beautiful flowers, in any spiritual organization flower play an important role because everyone like flowers.

Overall calendula is a very attractive and beautiful flower it is a very winter flower it’s important to medical science and calendula plant oil is very important to the skin. It has many medicinal properties.





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