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Introduction: Chirata plants scientific or botanical name of Chirata plant is swertia Chirata. It is found in word Different- different color, in Nepali Chirata found light yellow colors, in Indian Chirata found green and light black color. Chirata 180 spices found in the world but alone 36 spices found in India. Nepali Chirata is very famous in the world.

Price of Chirata: In Nepal Chirata price per kg around 700 to 1000 rupees. This Chirata is of the best quality and use as medicine but in Indian Chirata per kg 100 rupees. It is not the best quality of Chirata like Nepal. Other – other countries its price will be changed.

The common name of Chirata Called in India:-
It’s common name Chirayita, in the Urdu language called Chiraita Shireen, in Sanskrit it is called Anaryatikta, Ardhatikta, in Tamil Nilavembu, in Malayalam called Kiriyatta, is belong to Gentianaceae family.

Synonym of this plant:- Chirata, Chirayita, Swertia Chirata

What is Chirata?
Chirayita is a herb. You can also say mountain plant because it is the maximum found mountain area. Someone says Nepali plant because maximum and world’s best Chirata found in Nepal. In the sense of taste bitter. It is used as a medicine.

How to identify Chirata plant:- Chirata plant maximum found in mountain areas. It is a maximum of 3 ft long and its root around three inches in the soil. It’s plant life one year after one year it is getting dry. Its leaves like Javelin, leaves are two or three inches long and three or four cm wide. Its stems thick and long. Its fruit size around 6 miles miters. It’s flowers coming rainy season and fruits coming around September month.

Chirayita plant


Amazing Health Benefits of Swertia Chirata

Uses of Chirata or
Swertia Chirata benefits

In the forms of powder
In the forms of paste
Chirata use as forms of oil
Use as forms of Kadha
Chirata uses as forms of medicine

Swertia Chirata for fever
Anyone suffering from fever, when increasing your body temperature we are called it fever. It is categorized as Dengue, Malaria, patches, cough, and cold many more in Ayurveda 25 types of fever. You can use the Swertia Chirata plant, the form of powder or dry leaves, and to make Chirata Kadha remove fever.

Chirata use as Ayurvedic medicine
The ancient history of India Chirata is a herbal plant it uses multi works. It is the remedy for all diseases.

Chemical properties of Chirata
In Chirata plant found some antibacterial, anti-fungal properties, antileishmanial, antiviral, antibiotics, antiallergic, antidiabetic, properties found Chirata.

Chirata benefits for skin allergy
If anyone suffering from pimples and skin white problems you can use it. Chirata is the best medicine for allergy. Chirata is working as a blood purifier, stop blood-related problems when you are using Chirata.

Chirata benefits if liver
Now a day our food habits are not good, no fixed time to eating food. We are eating fast food, we are eating polluted water, this reason badly affecting our liver. It is not functioning properly. That time Chirata did good work to our liver function properly.

homeopathic medicine Swertia Chirata

Chirata removes toxicity from the liver, through Homeopathic medicine made from Chirata.
Also, remove toxicity

use as an antibiotic medicine

Chirata has antibiotic properties. It improves your immunity, saves your body from any disease, any allergen.

 Chirata use in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, Chirata is a very important plant.  its use as herbal medicine to remove any disease like cold and fiver, asthma, blood-related problem, liver-related problems, any types of allergy.


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