Delonex Regia/Gulmohar/ Royal Poinciana/ flowers all information


Delonix regia is a very beautiful and attractive flower. This flower grown maximum country in the world.


Delonex regia different – different name

Common name of delonex regia. In Hindi called Gulmohar. In English called many names Delonix regia or flame tree, royal poinciana. Flame of the forest. It is mainly the Madagascar plant.


Flowering time of Delonix regia

This is mainly a summer plant. Blooming month April to July.

Flower color of Delonix regia

Delonix regia found two colors one is red another is yellow. The red color is the most attractive Delonix regia flower. Gulmohar flower blooming after 7 years. Then after flower coming every year.

 Delonex Regia flower pic
Delonix Regia flower pic

The physical form of the Gulmohar plant:

Dekonex regia flower has 5 petal. Leaves are very attractive flowers. Its flower size around 5 cm. You can grow the Dekonex Regia plant in pot at your home. When is plant height 5 to 9 ft you can also plant in the garden? Because the maximum height of the Delonix regia plant is 30 feet.


Gulmohar growing through cutting

When you decided to cut you must take the upper part of the plant and its stems. You can also grow in Port and your garden. You put its stem three inches into the soil. After 2 weeks you can watch your Delonix regia plant is start growing.

Gulmohar Flowers
Gulmohar Flowers

About Gulmohar seeds

Delonix regia seed is very important to us. Because many herbal properties found in Delonix regia. Its seeds size 0.6 gram and the color of the seeds is green.


Growing tips of Gulmohar or Delonix Regia

For well growing of Delonix regia is very warm weather and humidity. this is a very beautiful plant to use for decorating purposes. Delonix regia plant is very fast growing in the summer season. and when winter is coming these tree leaves falling down. Delonix regia flower is one of the most beautiful and attractive flowers in the world.

Royal poinciana flowers
Royal poinciana flowers

How to care Delonex Regia plant flower

When the Delonex Regia plant is growing. That time watering from time to time.

No need for over-watering this plant. Need water

This is a summer plant but when you planting a new Delonex Regia plant that time no need more sunlight.

Delonix Regia plant no needs more care.

No need for chemical fertilizer to grow.

To get relief from allergy.

Ayurvedic importance of Delonix Regia

Delonix Regia tree bark is very important to cure diseases Diarrhoea. This plant is the main source of vitamin. Much ayurvedic product is produced using this plant bark and flowers.

Many diseases are cure using bark in this plant.

Insects pest and diseases of delonix regia
bacterium Bacillus, Polyhedrosis Virus , some fungi used to protect against virus.

Conclusion of Delonex Regia

Delonix Regia is a very beautiful and attractive flower. This is a very amazing or beautiful flower in the world. This is also very important to ayurvedic.

The red color of the Delonix Regia plant flower is very attractive.




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