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Ginger is a Gingiberi family plant. It is also a flowering plant. It is an Asian plant because first found in Asia. In Asia largest production of Ginger is India. Total production of Ginger in the world, India alone produce 40% of world partnership.

What is ginger? and what is the scientific name of Ginger? zingiber Officinale is the scientific name of ginger. Ginger is a growing plant. Ginger is a plant root, we are using many places.

History of ginger plant:- Ginger first found in Asian countries that’s why some people called Asian plant. Ginger use as a medicine and spices in Indian culture around thousand years ago, if you study the old Indian science of Ayurveda, you get amazing information about the Ginger plant.

Types of Ginger:-

  • Red Ginger
  • Yellow Ginger
  • Baby Ginger
  • Indian Head Ginger
  • Blue Hawaiian Ginger
  • Torch Ginger
  • White Ginger

How to propagate Ginger plant:- Ginger plant propagate many ways

1. Ginger plants propagate in the pot.

2. Ginger plants grow in the garden.

3. Ginger plants grow indoor.

4. Ginger grows in water.

How to grow Ginger:- Ginger plant is propagated all season in a year but it depends on place and temperature. A Ginger plant is ready to use after five to six months.

How to grow Ginger indoors:-

Ginger grows in a pot:– in this process, we need a few Ginger with newborn eye and cut ginger in 4 or 5 parts with a new eye. Each pot has propagated three to four Ginger.

first of all, you give a fungi remover chemical on Ginger. Now the time of germination of the ginger plants. You take one or two pots and containers to germinate the plant.

How to make soil for ginger plant:– in this process, you take 50% garden soil, 25% organic compost, and rest of cocopeat, neem plant dry leaves it protects the plant against fungal and bacteria, and D.A.P if you want to mix superphosphate to grow very fast. mix the all items your soil is ready now.

Mix soil gives a container or pot size 5 to 8 inches and more than three Ginger give the container and after watering. After 10 to 15 days that Ginger is germinated a little plant. This plant has no more sunlight, you can say that is a semi-shade plant.

How many days after transplant the ginger in another big container or pot:- After 20 days to 45 days you can transplant your Ginger plant a big container or pot a big container or pot size 10 to 12 inches and it’s soil making process is the same as above,

when everything is ok then you propagate two or there ginger germinate little plant propagate a big container and watering time to time, this plant no need more watering to grow and also no need more sunlight to grow. After 5 to 7 months when your Ginger plant leaves get completely dry then you understand your Ginger is ready to use. in this way you can grow Ginger at home using Ginger root.

How to grow Ginger in water:– This is a very popular method to grow ginger, in this process you take some small pieces of Ginger and water in a pot, in this pot or container Ginger has given in the water and in summer season everyday change water after 7 to 10 day a new Ginger plant germinates from ginger.

Ornamental Ginger plant:- Ginger plant is also flowering plants ginger flower is very attractive and beautiful, these flowers use as ornamental flowers some ginger plant flower used as ornamental, beehive Ginger, torch Ginger, Hedychium Ginger lily, these Ginger flowers are an ornamental flower. Some Governmental organizations give Ginger farming training our farmer, how to grow Ginger very manner.

How to grow Ginger in clod climate:- Ginger is a warm-season plant but it is also growing well in winter and clod climate in cold climate need to some care like as in cold climate no more need water. In cold climate Ginger also grow well.

How to grow Ginger in the field:- If you want to grow Ginger in the field this is the main harvesting process to grow Ginger. In this way, the maximum quantity of Ginger produces in the world.

Health Benefits of Ginger:-

  • Gingers properties have very hot that way it uses as a remedy for clod and fever.
  • Ginger tea is useful to heat your body.
  • If u are suffering digestive problems you can use it.
  • If you are suffering from a throat infection you can use it.
  • If you feel vomiting that time you can use it
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that are used as a pain killer.
  • Ginger is also used as a cancer medicine.
  • Ginger has Ani oxidant properties that are strong in our immunity system.
  • Ginger is good for the heart.
  • Reduce stress level using Ginger as tea and juice.
  • Antifungal properties found in Ginger.
  • If you are suffering hair fall you can use it in limited quantity.
  • Ginger increase memory power of human.
  • Ginger stop spreading Alshar disease in your stomach.
  • Now the world facing Covid 19 virus problem at this time, Ginger uses increase, because this virus affecting throats and Ginger has hot properties for this reason Ginger is very important to save your throat from COVID 19 viruses.

Side effects of Ginger:-

  • Ginger has hot properties that are way in summer season decrease daily uses.
  • If you are using Ginger as eating enough quantity, then you can face stomach and gas related problem.
  • Ginger is best for the heart but you are using enough that is not good for the heart.
  • If you are suffering from a liver disease then avoid Ginger.
  • If you suffering from diabetes then avoid Ginger.
  • If you take Ginger tea very frequently that is decreases sleeping duration.

Overall Ginger is very important to our daily life. It’s amazing benefits of ginger everyone known. It’s growing process is very easy and you are growing indoors and outdoors. Hence Ginger is a very beautiful plant or roots.

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