How to grow night flowering Jasmine

Introduction:- Night flowering Jasmine means Raat Rani flower. In India, it is called in Hindi national language of India, Harsingar flower. In India Night flowering Jasmine called various names, in a different-different part different-different names of India. This flower is the state flower of West Bengal in India, the local language in West Bengal called Siuli flowers and parijat and In a state of Bihar also known as HarSrinagar flower. And Indian state Odisha called Sephali flowers.

Night blooming Jasmine flower

Night flowering Jasmine/Parijat flowers– This flower is Oleaceae family flower, genus Night Jasmine how long to grow:- night Jasmine tree is around 12 m long, leaves are 5 to 7 cm long and stems are (4 to 8) meter long, flowers colors white, orange and middle of the flowers is red. Which season night Jasmine blooms it is blooming in summer season in various colors

Night-blooming Jasmine temperature tolerance:- that means in how much temperature acquired night Jasmine blooming very well at night, leaves contain many vitamins, protin and glucoside and tannic acid. Jasmine flowers contain oil. Night flowering jasmine flowers also called the flowers of sad or trees of sorrow or Trees of sadness Because it’s a flower blooming at night and all flowers getting falling down in the early morning. These flowers are very fragrant. Night flowering Jasmine blooming at night that’s why everyone called Queen of the night.

Medicinal use:- night flowering jasmine leaves are used as herbal medicine also use for arthritis and cure old fever. Night-blooming Jasmine is not poisonous. This is very important to herbal medicine usees. Also, night-blooming Jasmine seeds are important to various work. Because it contains many vitamins. Night Jasmine seeds use as Ayurved made some ayurvedic medicine, is night-blooming Jasmine edible for the human being. Night-blooming Jasmine plant, root, leaves stems, and seeds not eating in a direct way but in Ayurveda, we are using this plant’s root, leaves, stems, and flowers as a medicine.

According to Hindu religious story:- This plant comes out at the time of Samudra Manthan. God Indra plant these trees in his garden, also more this plant information found Hindu religious book Vishnu Puran.

Harsingar flower

Why this flower called Harsingar flower:- This is a very popular flower for the worship of God Vishnu. When you worship God Vishnu you must need those flowers, in this flower God Vishnu’s name comes up Har means ( Hari) which means God Vishnu that’s why this flower knows as Harsingar flower.

Another Hindu religious famous story Lord Shree Krishna carry to Indralok to Earth. When Shree Krishna carries this tree from heaven to Earth God Indra gives the curse, these flowers are not blooming in the daytime or sunrise. i.e Always bloom at night according to the story.

Also, one another Hindu religious story a queen name Parijaat loves Bhagwan Surya (sun) but Bhagwan Surya did not accept her love, queen Parijaat commits suicide which’s the reason aprajta flowers blooming at night when the sunset and when morning sunrise Aprajta flowers falling down.

Conclusion:- this is a very beautiful and very fragrant flower. It is very important to medical uses of Ayurveda many herbal products are produced in these plants and his parts also these flowers use as domestic work. Also, the night Jasmine flower very important to worship of God Vishnu and Goddess maa Lakshmi.



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