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Turmeric is a very fast-growing plant. It is also a flowering plant. Turmeric is an Indian subcontinental plant and it’s 25 to 45 turmeric species found in India. It is called the Indian subcontinental plant. Turmeric is a Zingiberales family plant.

  Different- Different names of turmeric

In English called turmeric, in India Hindi language is called Haldi. In Spanish and Italy Curcuma. In Arabic called kurkuma and Urdu language Haladi, someplace it is called Curcuma longa It is also called in English Turmeric.

Types of turmeric

Yellow Turmeric, this turmeric widely use as spices. White Turmeric it’s used as a Harble product, Black Turmeric, Kasturi Turmeric is very important to a skin product, it is widely used as an ayurvedic product. It is avoided for cooking because its taste is bitter. curcumin longa is a wide uses curry powder. Black turmeric is a rare variety of all Turmeric its maximum uses in medical science. In the nursery, a small black Turmeric and white Turmeric plants price differs. 

How to grow turmeric plant

Turmeric plants grow in many ways first of all Turmeric growing using roots, another way is from seeds, a small plant transplant a nursery plant to the garden you can grow Turmeric at home few requirements of growing turmeric plant A container or pots, garden soil, compost, DAP, and phosphate. Mix all components and give all things in the container then you give Turmeric root in this pot and time to time watering this plant after few days a new plant born from this roots. But a farmer grows Turmeric in our land few processes is different from home growing a Turmeric plant. The turmeric plant is which part of the plant, Turmeric is a plant root.

Turmeric plant

use of Turmeric plant:-Turmeric plant very important to health because it has many medicinal properties. It’s is also a Herbal product. In Ayurvadic Turmeric have medicinal properties and in the ancient history of the world, you found many different- different uses of Turmeric. you can use Turmeric for eating the form of Salad. Turmeric is a spice group plant.  Turmeric is a flowering plant its flower has medicinal properties.

Health benefits of Turmeric or medicinal benefits of Turmeric

  • Turmeric has Ani oxidant property, this very important to prevent arthritis and heart disease.
  • If you are suffering from the liver disease it is important for you.
  • If you are suffering from skin problem as cheek pimples you can use Turmeric past for skin.
  • Some digesting problem Turmeric is very beneficial.
  • Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Turmeric has anti- allergies properties, that’s why you can gargle to remove bacteria and other infections.
  • The medicinal value of Turmeric powder is very high
  • Turmeric tea and Coffee now day very famous
  • Bust your immunity level now the time of Covid 19  Turmeric play a very important role to increase your immunity power

                                                                               side  effects of turmeric 

if you are using the maximum quantity of turmeric you are facing lots of problem like as headache, acidity, iron, liver





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