IMPORTANCE OF FLOWERS [ फूलो का महत्त्व ]

FlowersIf you heard these flowers name what you think about these flowers, what is the name of flowers, which type of smelling those flowers, what is the color of the flower?

The importance of flowers is eye-catchy every one is attracted. 2. flowers are attracted to birds, insects, butterflies, bees, ants, etc.

Flowers are very important to us. We are using Flowers in many works like worship for God that is we are using Flowers.

We are using Flowers for decoration work like the home decoration, new shop opening, marriage house decoration, women’s are using as hair and ring ornament, many creams are producing flowers some scent is produced from the flowers.

Beautiful flower pic
Beautiful flower pic

Importance of the flowers, Food source of humans, the flower is the best food source of humans.

Some flower is a very rich source of vitamin, protein, minerals, and vat. Few flowers we are eating indirect form as Coriander leaves as many forms.

Some flowers we are using when we are cooking food, some flowers we are using as a form of juice.

2 Food source of animals:- flowers belong to vegetable category flower is reaching the source of his food, also some Bird is like eating the flower.

3 medicinal use of flower:- some flower using as herbal medicine.

some flower is very important to skin related problem like as Rose flower it’s paste is very important to remove skin pimples.

fewayurvedic medicines are made from flowers.

In the old medical science of India, many flowers are used as medicine to remove various diseases. Some flowers are using for religious purposes in Indian culture.

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