Mexican honeysuckle plant flowers

This is a very attractive Mexican honeysuckle flower. Its common name is the Mexican honeysuckle, orange plume flower. Its botanical name Justicia spicigera. It is evergreen flowers, a native of Mexican. Muicle flower is a shrub plant.

Muicle shrubs are perennial plant flowers. It needs full sunlight or sometimes partial shade. Hight of this plant is 2 to 6 feet.

When does honeysuckle bloom
This is a very beautiful flower. It’s blooming from April to September. But its blooming time depends on latitude and longitude.

honeysuckle flower is poisonous
Honeysuckle is not poisonous but it’s some species of honeysuckle that is poisonous.

Mexican honeysuckle image
Mexican honeysuckle image

propagating Mexican honeysuckle flowers 
You can grow Mexican honeysuckle flower from seed or You can also. Growing honeysuckle from cuttings
Best way to growing honeysuckle flowers from seed. In this process
After 5 to 9 days of sowing, plants are great. Then after 20 to 30 days, you can transplant this Mexican honeysuckle flower plant. You can also transplant this flower in a pot or also transplant it in your garden.

eating honeysuckle plant flower
honeysuckle plant flower is not poisonous. Cats and dogs easily eat this plant. This plant has some herbal properties. This is very important to us.

Honeysuckle problems
Honeysuckle plant flower leaves color change. This one type of problem leaves color change into yellow colors.

1. Mites attack on Honeysuckle plant.

2. New leaves discolor and fall.

3. Honeysuckle leaves convert into powder.

Mexican honeysuckle flower pic
Mexican honeysuckle flower pic

Honeysuckle plant flower seeds
Honeysuckle seeds are important to ayurvedic and many herbal products are produced from its seed. Its seeds treat as Ayurvedic medicine. Some ayurvedic medicine made from this plant flowers.

Conclusion Mexican honeysuckle flowers
This is a very beautiful flower. This flower attracts everyone to his natural beauty. This plant uses any purpose like home uses. Medicinal uses. This plant flower has some herbal properties. This is also called herbal medicine.

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