PERIWINKLE PLANT FLOWER (sadabahar flowers)

Periwinkle flower is Apocynaceae family flowers. Its colors pink and blue.Its original scientific name Catharanthus roseus, but why it is called in Hindi Sadabahar flowers.

Mean it’s blooming all time, every season that is called Sadabahar flowers. In some places in India, this flower called the Nayantara flower.

It is found in various colors and various shapes, this plant height 1 or 2 feet, in India this flower found more than eight to ten types of flowers. This is a very fragrant flower

How long do periwinkle flower bloom:- normally periwinkle flower blooms from June to February but the condition of blooming is the change in different-different places and altitudes.

The Periwinkle plant is poisonous it is not true few parts of the periwinkle flower are uses as an herbal product and also use in Ayurveda.

Does periwinkle come back every year yes periwinkle flower comes every year from June to February and a few place and altitude periwinkle grow the whole y

Periwinkle flower
Periwinkle flower

How to grow and care for periwinkle plant:- Periwinkle flower grows very fast. You can be growing this plant two ways

1. Using seeds 2. Using the cutting process. This plant is a sun-loving plant means this plant needs more sunlight to grow very well. Need soil very good quality.

Water requirement no over water required, sometimes you can use organic fertilizer to grow your plant but I a not advise to use chemical fertilizer to grow the periwinkle plant.


BENEFITS OF PERIWINKLE FLOWER:- For medicine purposes, these plants and flowers we found in liquid form alcollide use to create cancer medicine.

these flowers use for women’s Nack ornaments. Home decorate and marriage house decorate.

Goddess worship and also use Ayurveda medicine. Periwinkle flower for diabetes this is an important flower to cure diabetes

HOW TO SAVE THIS FLOWERS:- These are natural or beautiful flowers to save this plant promote plantation of the plant-wide area of land and home you can also plant these trees in the tub.

EFFECT OF NATURE:- This flower is a sign of pleasure, beautiful smell, lovely look, and captivating smile look to attract others. The plant is also purifying the air and balance oxygen levels in the air that’s why save the planet saves the earth and save life.


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