Plumeria Alba/Frangipani/Champa flower grow and care

Plumeria Alba is commonly known as frangipani flower, Champa flower. Plumeria Alba belongs to the Apocynaceae family.

Plumeria Alba plant height around 3 to 7 meters. This is a beautiful and attractive flower. It is a tropical area plant. This plant flower is a very highly fragrance flower.

The physical form of plumeria Alba
This is a warm climate plant. But cold climate also you can grow this plant.

Leaves of plumeria plant color are green. Stems color is white. This is a flowering plant.

It needs bright light to full sun in a single day Keep soil moist in summer. Plumeria Alba flower found various like as red, white, yellow and pink.

The common name of plumeria Alba flower
The scientific name of this plant is the Plumeria Alba flower. Its other name is the frangipani flower.

In India, this flower called the Champa flower tree someplace it is called the frangipani flower.

Verity of plumeria plant flower

How to grow the frangipani or plumeria Alba plant?
Plumeria alba and Champa flower are grown using two methods first cutting method and the second using seeds. Swarn Champa tree also growing from a cutting method of a tree.

Champa flower has five petals. This plant is actually an outdoor plant because this plant needs maximum sunlight.

It is not an indoor plant but you are planting indoor. Remember maximum sunlight required plumeria plant to growing.

Water requirements of plumeria/Champa plant
Not need more watering this plant. If you are giving more watering to this plant your plant may be dying.

Sunlight requirement of frangipani or plumeria Alba plant
frangipani/plumeria Alba and Champa need full sunlight. It is not growing in partial sunlight.

Frangipani/champa plant
Frangipani/champa plant

Soil requirement of frangipani/plumeria Alba and champa plant
This plant need always rich soil. Well growing this plant needs well-draining soil.

Fertilizer requirement of frangipani/plumeria Alba and Champa
Organic fertilizers are very important to growing this plant.

But chemical fertilizer is no maximum use for this plant. This frangipani/plumeria Alba and Champa plant like to grow organically.

frangipani/plumeria Alba plant purning
Pruning is very important to growing
To growing plumeria plant.
Pulmeriya alba/ frangipani / champa flower uses

frangipani or plumeria Alba foliage is a very attractive and beautiful flower in all flowers

frangipani/plumeria Alba and Champa flowering season/

What time of year plumeria Alba bloom?
Why your frangipani/plumeria/Champa flower is not flowering?

Plumeria flower center color is yellow that is very attractive. Plumeria plant flowering time is not fixed.

Its flowering depends on the amount of sunlight, a minimum of 6 hours per day is necessary to well flowering.

When your plumeria plant got less sunlight in this case your frangipani/plumeria/Champa not flowering.

If your frangipani/plumeria/Champa flowering depends well on drainage soil and watering.

Someplace frangipani/plumeria/Champa flower starts flowering in summer season but someplace it is flowering rainy and winter season.

Plumeria Alba/ frangipani flower
Plumeria Alba/ frangipani flower

Flower shape and size of plumeria plant

frangipani flower/plumeria Alba oil
plumeria Alba oil is very important to therapy. Its oil is very costly. Around 400 $ per kg. It maximum use skin therapy.

How do you take care of plumeria, Alba?
This plant no need overwatering. Plumeria Alba is an outdoor plant. Because this plant needs maximum sunlight.

If you plant indoor remember to keep it to your plant place. sunlight comes from maximum time.
This plant no needs chemical fertilizer.

Uses of plumeria Alba/Champa flower
1.In Indian Champa uses as getting relief from etching and fever. Plumeria Alba is an evergreen flower.
2. Plumeria Alba is an ornamental plant.
3. Frangipani oil is prepared from this plant flowers.
4. This beautiful flower use as worship of God and Goddesses. Champa plant belongs to the foliage group of the plant.

Medicinal uses of Plumeria Alba
Plumeria Alba is also an herbal plant. That uses to best medicine for ulcer disease. It is very important to skin disease. Plumeria Alba oil is very important to skin therapy.

Pets and disease of plumeria
Leaf rust disease’s main cause of this disease is a fungus. Back tip disease also responsible for fungus. Black rot disease, Color break of plumeria disease.










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