Relation between nature and human

Relation between nature and human, Nature is best friend of human because it provide everything to necessary to alive on the earth .But human is excessive use of our nature and its resources.

No one would reject the fact that human has been always completely dependent on nature for all their needs.
To put it all together, it can be said that humans have a deep connection to nature. Relation between nature and human this connection has been weekend by human’s dependence on the industry. The industrialization and urbanization has gradually kept human away from main home.

It caused a big gap in human’s relationships with nature. There are two distinct situation observed if webl trace the history of human civilization.

Relation between nature and human

The first situation is that human beings adjusted adapted to the prevailing. Similar situations can be observed amongst planet and animal also. When human civilization is progress, people developed many things to very fast like as knowledge, skill and technology. Living standards is very high as well as made human life comfortable.

It has been approved that, there should be a equally balance between development and protection of environment. Environment plays the role of provider.

Man lives in the sphere of nature. Biosphere is very important of nature regarding to its man-nature relationship. There are specific stages of man-nature relationship. The humans have taken nature and a lots of natural resources for granted.

It is highly damaged by humans are the responsible for it. The Humans can’t live without these services, but nature can probably survive without humans.

Relation between Nature and human

What is the role of humans in nature:
Since the dawn of human civilization, we have adapted ourselves to our natural surroundings. We utilize various things that’s were found in nature for our needs.

Nature has always helped us for survive. Over the year our need gradually grow and became more variants. We learnt various ways to utilise the resources found in natural environment to grow crops and lead a settled life. As the time passes our needs gradually increase.

We found ourself in industrial age. Factories and workshop are set up to produce large quantities of goods. With the increase in number of factories, cars and other infrastructure. We also started polluting our environment. The waste produced from it, has polluted our river.

The fuel produced from car polluted the air, the plastic waste polluted the soil. The cutting down of trees in massive amounts leads to the Deforestation, landslide and drought.

We can utilise the resources from natural environment. But we must not exploide or overuse the utilise the available resources which would lead a natural degradation of natural environment. Human impacts on the environment are by many ways by overpopulation, pollution, burning fossils fuels, and deforestation. Changes like these have great loss likes, climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water.

How are humans part of nature:-
During the last century, research has been increasingly drawn toward understanding the human-nature relationship, and there are many ways humans are linked with the natural environments. Some example include the sustainability of natural resources and the health benefits.

Human beings is also part of nature. When we remeber about nature, also human is big participant We cannot assume as separate from nature. Its belong to our ecosystem. Human and nature is best part of our ecosystem .

How does nature affect us:- Nature can generate many positive emotions, such as calmness, and creativity. Nature is an important need for keeping us emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy. Regarding mental health benefit, nature has a very wide definition.

It also includes trees on a urban street, private garden, and even indoors plant on windows. Nature documentary is good for our mental health. We are definitely want to Spend time with nature it is best for us. “Fresh air and exercise “.

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