Sundarban name called Sundarbans to travel like adventure sundarban name a tree name Sundari, the ban means forest in Hindi called a jungle.

Sundarban area is the world’s largest delta creat by the Ganga river and the Brahmaputra river Mangrove tree found maximum area in Sundarban.

This is the best adventure place for tourists .that is the most popular tourist attraction place of West Bengal, district south 24 pragans .

Sundarban is a biodiversity place. Sundarban forest is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers.

Sundarban area is listed UNESCO world heritage sites in the year 1992, also the Sundarbans area is

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developed to save the royal tiger as a wildlife sanctuary.

Sundarban travel to some areas in Bangladesh and some areas are West Bengal India.

Sundarban Forrest is a habitat of 500 Flora and fauna, and about  300 kinds of birds, 150 types of fish, 50 mamles , and 40 reptiles. Sundarban is the most popular adventure place in the world because there 243 islands.

This island surrounded by all side water and wetland that’s the way some animals and bird’s found this island.

This total island is a shelter home for the royal Bengal Sundarbans covered a total area of around 10000 km*km around 6000 km*km area on the Bangladesh side and 4000 km*km on the Indian side according to a tiger survey around 200 tigers in Sundarban.

Sundarbans has the world’s largest mangrove coastal area.his few islands are habitat and maximum island forest or wetland Sundarbans national park very famous in India and Bangladesh.

The total area of Sundarbans 40% on the Indian side and 60% of the Sunderbans are on the Bangladesh side.

Some people ask if Sundarbans visit safe I think the visit to Sundarbans is completely safe because the maximum area of Sundarbans covered by net and iron rod now a day it is a very attractive tourist place.

Best time to Sundarbans tour October to February. This is the best place who like adventure very most.

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