Benefits of Amla/Indian Gooseberry

Amla, the scientific name of this sour fruit is Polyanthus Emblica and is a rich source of nutrition. Benefits of amla, this is very important to cure many diseases. it is also called medicine at home.

Types of Gooseberries

There are many different – different types of Amla plants grown in the world. Also, many varieties found Amla plant. Some Amla plant varieties. Whitesmith Gooseberries, Whigham Gooseberries, Fredonia Gooseberries.

Benefits of Gooseberry/Amla for Skin

Treat as mouth Acne
You can make Amla paste, for your face to be clean and smooth. Amla paste keeps on your face Maximum of 20 minutes, after few minutes this paste is starting to dry. This process is the best way to remove pimples and Acne.

Increase your skin glow

if you are intake Amla juice regularly. It increases vitamin C levels in your body. It increases the production of collagen levels in your skin. This makes your skin very soft and smooth.

Benefits of Gooseberries/Amla for Hair
Amla is very important for your Hair. Because it helps to make your hair smooth, glow, and silky. Amla is used as herbal medicine or herbal soap to remove dandruff from your hair. Amla is used as a natural Hair conditioner.

It means amla juice is help to make your hair shiny and glow also help very well grow your hair. Stop the hair falling problem.

Benefits of eating amla

It is the main source of vitamin C. This fruit also knows as Amla or Indian gooseberry. In Sanskrit, it is called Amlaki. It is known as a superfood. If anyone suffers digestion problem, then you can use amla on a daily diet. your digestion problem has been solved. Amla is remove working as detoxing element from your blood.

How to use Amla

Amla is a herbal plant. It has many medicinal properties. we can use Amla as herbal medicine or Ayurvedic medicine. It increases digestion in our body. If you are using it every day. it increases the immunity of our body if used regularly. You can use amla indirect form. You can use amla in the form of juice. Now a very popular drink in the world.

benefits of amla
amla fruit

How to make Amla juice at home or how to preserve it

Ingredients of Amla juice, Amla 1kg, few mint leaves, salt, first of all, wash Amla from clean water. Cut all Amla fruit into small pieces, and seeds are removed from amla fruits. Know you can use a juice maker to remove juice from Amla.

From 1kg Amla you can get 500-gram liquid juice. This amla juice you can preserve keep it a very cool place. If you want to taste your amla juice give few mint leaves, salt and honey.

Benefits of drinking amla juice

Amla has medicinal properties. Benefits of eating amla daily. It has anti toxicity properties. It is very helpful for our skin to make it smooth and soft. It is very important to prevent hair falling.

Best time to drink amla juice

The best time to drink amla juice is morning time. But you can drink amla juice all time. It depends on your habits and your needs.

Amla/Gooseberry health benefits

the benefit of eating amla on an empty stomach is if you are suffering constipation. I would suggest taking a small piece of Amla on an empty stomach. After few days of regular use, your constipation problem is solved.

Medicinal uses of amla

Amla has anti-diabetes, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties.

  • Fresh juice of Amla mix with sugar and taken. It would be very useful of bleeding disorders.
  • Fresh juice of amla mix with turmeric powder and taken. It is very helpful for diabetes patients.
  • Amla paste is very useful for skin. It make smooth and soft.
  • Amla is very beneficial to stop hair falling.
  • Amla is increase your body immunity.
  • Amla is very important source of Vitamin C, vitamin E, A, and iro n.

Amla pickle benefits

If you want reserved amla very long time to use. Then you make amla pickle. It has many health benefits. If you are using. It improves your digestion power, increases immunity, it helps to improve your eyesight.

Amla juice benefits for weight loss

Amla is the source of fibres. In our body, fibre takes very long indigestion whatever you eat. In this case, you do not feel hunger. Amla is increased metabolism, it is a process your body fat burn into calories and generate energy.

How many Amla should be eaten in a day?

It’s no fixed ratio to eat Amla on a signal day. It is dependent on your requirement or your need. But you eat amla regular many diseases are cure such as constipation, blood purifier, etc.

What is the best time to eat amla?

The best time to eat amla is morning time. If you eat amla empty stomach in the morning time. This is very beneficial for your health.

Is amla good for hair and skin?

Yes, amla is very important to your hair and skin. Amla makes your skin soft and smooth. If your hair starts to fall. You can use amla as hair soap to stop hair from falling.

Is Amla is good for the liver?

Yes, amla is a very important herbal pant. Its fruits are very useful for our liver. Amla removes toxicity from our liver. It helps increase the digestive system of our body.

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