How to grow and fertilizer Amla plant

What is Amla?
Amla is a small green fruit. It has a unique flavour. Amla tastes sour, bitter. Amla plant is very important for medical science.

Emblica officials are known as Amla or Indian gooseberry. It is the main source of vitamin C. Amla is an outdoor growing plant. You can also grow indoors, but when you plant height crossed 12 inches. You must need a transplant to your Amla plant, indoor to outdoor.

Product made from Amla
Many products are made from Amla. It highly demands the industry to making health products like Chyavanprash, Triphala Churna, oil, shampoo, creams, powders, and pickles made from Amla.

Growing amla from seed
Growing Amla from seed is time-consuming. process. You buy seed from an online shop or an offline seed shop. Dry the seed for 72 hours. Then sow your amla plant in a pot or garden. After 7 to 10days your seed start to germinate.

The required thing to an Amla plant seed germination

Sunlight:- This is very important to germinate a plant. In the case of the Amla plant, 4 to 6 hours of sunlight is very important.

amla fruits

Water requirement of Amla plant:- water is very essential for the Amla plant. From time to time need water to well grow a plant.

pruning amla tree:- This is very important to grow the Amla plant very well.

amla growing season:- Amla growing season differs from place to place. In India amla, the growing season is October to May. But another country it’s changing season is changing.

The climate of the Amla plant
The temperature required for the
Amla plant to grow 42 to 47 degrees. Rainfall required 500 – 750 mm. Amla plant harvesting temperature required 7 – 16 degrees.

Fertilizer requirement of Amla plant
Nitrogen 90/gram, Phosphorus 50/gram, Potash 90/gram per plant, at the time of soil preparation also zink mix all things very well those are very important to Amla plant well growing.

amla plant for sale near me:-

if you are interested to buy and sell the amla plant. First of all, you can search online. few agencies that provide online plant shops for buy and sell the plant. Now this time it very popular process to buy a plant. Also, you can search plant nurseries through the Internet. Also, you can visit the offline shop to purchase the Amla plant.

The bottom line of the Amla plant

Amla is very important to digest food. It has many Ayurvedic properties. It is an outdoor plant. In some cases, you can grow indoors.

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