Best way to grow Lemon trees outdoors

Best way to grow lemon trees outdoors. You can grow lemon plants in many ways. You can grow a lemon plant from seed, from cuttings, grow from its leaves. Grow from its root.
But the famous way to growing lemon trees is from seeds and cutting.

What is Lenon?
Lemon (Citrus lemon) is a herbal plant. It tastes better and the PH esteem is between (5.5% – 8.4%) it is a tart flavour. It significant wellspring of nutrient C.
It is an evergreen tree/plant that grows to be all over in a year. It is identified or belongs to the family Rutaceae. It is a local plant in Asia and its subcontinent country. In India maximum amount produced lemon, northeast state of the country. it is growing all State in India.

Best way to grow Lemon trees outdoors

You can grow lemon plants in a home garden, also you can harvest lemon trees for business purposes. You should grow lemon in the field or cultivated land.

Conditions of a growing lemon tree outdoors
Climate:- it depends on varieties. most of all it is growing well in hot or warm regions. It is well growing between 15℃ to 45℃ temperature.


Soil requirement of lemon plant
Lemon trees need well-drained soils. Lemon plants best grow loamy and sandy soil. Heavy clay soil does not grow very well. It prefers your land soil PH values 5.2to 6.5 for well grow.

Watering -It is very essential for lemon plants. After germination of the lemon plant. you can be watering your lemon plant thrice a week. In the hot season, the water requirement of lemon is more than in the cold season.

Cultivation of lemon plant
Land should be ploughed a few days ago, after ploughland, level your garden or field properly. Highly density of lemon plants not growing well. Always maintain a fixed distance to all plants. From time to time maintain some chemical fertilizers to well growing.

Best time of planting is July and August. Minimum seed rate 190/acre.

Now maintain a two ft distance of each plant for we’ll growing. Need watering and pruning a fixed interval. It is very necessary to grow.
After 7 to 11 months you have seen lemon in your lemon plant.

Instructions to grow a lemon plant from cutting

About lemon plant growing first, important thing is to select, new lemon plant stems for cutting. Presently cut lemon plant stems cross-section at 45° angle and then wash these stems. You can sow your cutting. In garden or field.
After planting this Lemon tree give watering after a time interval. Following 15 to 25 days your lemon plant is beginning to flowering and fruit is coming up.

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