Lemon plant grow and care indoors

Lemon plant grow and care: Lemon (citric lemon) is a perennial plant. It tastes better and the PH value is between (5% – 8%) it is tart in flavour. It important source of vitamin C.

It is an evergreen tree found 12 months a year. It belongs to the family Rutaceae. It is a native plant in Asia and its Continental County. In India, it is grown maximum Northeast of India.

Lemon varieties are found in the world.
1. Eureka – This variety of lemon is found 12 months in a year. It is four seasonal plants this category of lemon produces flowers and fruits together. Eureka categories Lemon colour green and yellow.

2. Lisbon Lemon – It is a very similar variety to Eureka Lemon. It is very smoother than Eureka. This variety of lemon skin is very thinner than other varieties. It provides maximum lemon juice.

3. Sweet lemon:– This lemon is nonacidic. This lemon is very sweet. Everyone likes to eat fruit and juice. It is also called Mausambi in India. It is a seasonal fruit, found from May to September.

Sweet lemon or Mausambi
Sweet lemon or Mausambi

            4. Genoa:- This variety is Lemon yellow in colour. The Juice amount in this variety is maximum.

How to grow Lemon plants indoors/Lemon plant grow and care

How many ways you can grow Lemon plants indoors

1.How to grow a Lemon tree from seeds
2.How to grow a lemon plant from cutting

Growing condition of a lemon tree

Climate:- it depends on varieties. most of all it is growing well in warm weather. It is well growing between 15℃ to 40℃ temperature.

Soil requirements of lemon plant

Lemon trees need well-drained soils. Lemon plants best grow loamy and sandy soil. Heavy clay soil does not grow very well. It prefers soil PH values 5.4 to 6.5 for well grow.

Watering -It is very essential for lemon plants. After germination of the lemon plant. you can be watering your lemon plant twice a week. In the hot season, water requirement of lemon is more than the cold season.

If you grow your plant in a pot or container water requirements of a lemon plant are very less but you grow a lemon plant outdoors need more water.

Citrus plant nutrition or how to grow lemon trees faster

For well growing, a citrus plant needs nutrition. It is very important for lemon plants. Compost is very essential to grow a lemon plant. Also, some nutrition Potassium, magnesium, minerals are very important for the lemon plant

How to grow a Lemon tree from seeds

First of all select good quality lemon seed, remove the pulp. Then after wash seed from chemical water to remove the bacterial effect. Now, prepare the soil of the Lemon plant.

Growing Lemon tree in a pot

if you want to plant your Lemon plant on port and container you need 30% composed 30% cocopeat 20% Garden soil and 20% sand.

Mix all components in or container. When you buy a pot or container remember your pot or container has a good drainage system. Now

Lenon seeds are sow in a pot or container, give watering from time to time. After 15 to 20 days your lemon plant germinated.

Location of Lemon plant/where do Lemon trees grow
It is very important to growing lemon plants. At the time of germination no need very hot temperature. In this case, germination process is getting down and stopped.

Lemon plant seed growing well in semi – shadow place after germination you can plant anywhere.

grow and care lemon plant in pot
grow and care lemon plant in pot

How to grow a lemon plant from cutting
First of all select, fresh lemon plant stems for cutting. Now cut lemon plant stems cross-section at 45° then wash these stems. You can grow your cutting on the sand, or soil, it’s up to you.

You take a pot or container with soil or sand. Then put lemon plant stems whatever to select to grow through cutting.

After planting this Lemon cutting give watering from time to time. After 15 to 25 days your lemon cutting is starting to grow.

dwarf lemon tree varieties
Type of dwarf Lemon varieties
1.Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree:- This is a very common variety of lemon. You can see everywhere. Dwarf Meyer Lemon leaves dark and shiny and white flowers. Dwarf Meyer Lemon has a beautiful fragrance.

2. Dwarf Eureka Lemon:-  This lemon variety of lemon plant grow up to 15 ft high. This variety of lemon plants needs 5 to 8 hours of sunlight in a day. This category of lomen is available all over in a year.

3. Dwarf Lisbon Lemon
As his name this variety belong to Portugal. It is a very large size lemon with a nipple. It grows well in cold and hot weather.

Care of Lemon plant

¥. Manage hot and cold weather
When you grow your plant in a cold region. When the temperature getting down. in this case, your lemon plant needs more sunlight.

At this, you should keep your plant outdoors. And vice versa if you grow your plant in a very hot region you must keep your plant in a semi shadow place.

¥. Maintain temperature cold and hot region. Both the region when the temperature goes to very high and when the temperature goes to down. You should care must.

¥. You make sure your citric or lime plant gets at least 5 to 8 hours in a single day.

¥.For well growing a lemon plant need some chemical like Mg, P, Mn etc.

Pests and diseases of lemon
•Crown Rots disease,
•Fungal Leaf Spot disease
•Fruit Flies disease
•Spider Mites

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