Carambola/star fruit, health benefits, And risk

Carambola or Star fruits:-

Carambola fruit is a very delicious fruit. Carambola or Star fruits is a sour fruit in the taste. Carambola is found all over the world. It’s found in two verities one is a small sour Verity, another is a big and sweet Verity.

The common name of Carambola or Star fruits

Star fruits are called different-different names in the world in Spanish, American, UK country it is called Carambola. In India, it is called Kamaranga.

Harvesting place of Carambola or Star fruits

Carambola or Star fruits are mainly outdoor plants. It is growing very well in outdoor places. You can also grow Star fruit plants in your indoor place.

Colour of Carambola or Star fruits:-

In general Carambola or Star, fruits are found in two colours first is Green this very popular colour and one other colour is yellow. When Carambola or Star fruits are ripe it’s colour changes green to yellow.

star fruits

Carambola or Star fruits how to eat

For eating Carambola or Star fruits select a ripe fruit. Ripe star fruit is yellow In Color. then wash your star fruit in clean water. Cut two ends of the star fruits. Remove it seeds when you will cutting. Then slice many pieces of these fruits.

  • vitamin 45 %
  • magnesium 3%
  • copper 6%
  • Carambola or Star fruits are low in calories. It is the source of vitamins and fiber.

Star fruit in your diet

• cut a ripe star fruit in a form of a slice and eat.
• add this fruit to your food in the form of salads and other dishes.
• you can use star fruit with another recipe.
• you can add this fruit to your home recipes.
• you can make your food delicious.
• make jam and jelly from star fruits.
• you can add star-fruits juice in your dites.

Star fruits benefit Hair and skin

Vitamin B and C found Carambola or star-fruits vitamin B improve the growth of hair and stop falling your hair. another side vitamin C is very important to your skin.

Health risk or side effects of Carambola or star-fruits

In many cases eating Carambola or star-fruits, may be a great deal of loos. A breastfeeding woman avoids eating Carambola or star fruits.
Also, pregnant women avoid eating it.

Carambola or star fruits contain toxic elements it is very harmful to the brain. It may be because of neurological disorders. Who is suffering Kidney related problems? It should avoid eating. Because this fruit affected in this case.

Season of star- fruit or carambola

Star fruit’s main time of flower is coming from March to April and fruit is coming from April to December. Also, you can found carambola fruits summer season, rainy season.

Is star fruit is good for diabetes?

Carambola or star fruits control blood pressure and cholesterol in your body. It also controls insulin. This is the Cause of Diabetes. But you use this fruit maximum. It has side effects.

Why is everyone called star fruit?

Carambola has five-point when you cut Carambola fruit in cross-section. It looks like a Star that is Carambola fruits called Star fruits.

Is star fruits are dangerous to eat?

No, star fruits are not dangerous to eat. Star fruit is bitter in taste. But a ripe star fruit is very sweet. Star fruits calories, it is low calories fruits but it is a rich source of vitamins and fibre.

Is Star fruit is good for your health?

Yes, star-fruits in very good for health because it is low calories fruits. if you want to lose weight you can try it in your dites. Star fruits have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties. Star fruits have been found vitamins. It is working as an immunity booster for your body. Improve your respiratory system. Also, it is improving your digestion.

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