How to grow and care Neem plant/tree

How to grow neem plant

Neem is a very fast-growing plant. You can grow many types like Neem plant growing from seeds, Neem plant growing from cutting, Neem plant growing from the root.

A soil mix of Neem plant

Garden soil 50%, and 20%, cocopeat 30%, mix all things and jerk it few days. After few days your soil is ready.

Sunlight of Neem plant

Neem trees need partial shade or full sunlight to well growing. Neem plants need a minimum of 5 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. For well growing.

Neem plant/tree growing from seeds

First of all, collect neem fruits. Remove upper cover/plus and collect seeds. Now start to dry the seeds in direct sunlight. Then after Sow the seeds on a pot or container. Pot height 8 to 12 inches. Give watering time to time on seeds. After few days your neem seeds are germinating.

Neem plant growing from a root cutting

A neem plant produces a large number of neem seedlings. In the rainy season. Now you want to cut been plant from roots. The thickness of the plant is 1/3 inches and 3 to 5 inches long. Now, this neem root is put in the soil after few days a new stem is coming from the root.

Neem plant

Flowering season of neem tree

Neem is a flowering tree. Its flowering season is April to June. These months are the main flowering time because neem is a summer plant. This plant is very fast growing these seasons.

Care of Neem Tree

Temperature: The neem tree is a tropical plant. It is growing very well from 15 degrees to 52 degrees temperatures. Neem trees like sunlight very much.

Water required of Neem plant

Water is very essential to the Neem plant. When your plant is growing on the pot. Give time to time watering when your plant getting dried.

Growing Neem tree indoors

When you are growing neem tree indoor. Remember few things neem plant need maximum need sunlight, so you keep your plant that place, maximum sunlight coming to this place. Neem plant no need overwatering. Neem tree is a very fast-growing plant if you grow indoor need full length or big size pot.

Neem trees need fertilizer

Neem plants need organic fertilizer. It’s no need for chemical fertilizers.

Neem tree no needs more care rather than other plants.
Pruning neem plant:-This is very important to growing a neem tree. Time to time need pruning.

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