Neem health benefits

Neem is an Ayurvedic plant. It has many medicinal properties. It belongs to the mahogany Meliaceae family. Its botanic name is Azadirachta Indica. Neem plant other names like Margosa. In India, it’s known as Neem, and in Sanskrit it is known as Arista.

Health benefits of Neem

Thousands of years ago our ancestors uses neem as a medicine. If you learn old Indian science of Ayurveda. You got imagine benefits of Neem. Neem is bitter in taste. It improve immunity power of our body, increase digestion.

Neem leaves uses/ neem leaves benefits

● some Mosquito remover made by dried Neem leaves.
● Drink water with boiled leaves of neem it’s help our liver to remove toxic.
● you can also eat, new born Neem leaves in direct form it’s help to remove many stomach, liver disease, skin, disease.

benefits of neem leaves for skin

Neem health benefits
Neem health benefits

● many skin disease like as wound, pimple, etching. you can remove using neem leaves as direct form of eating. Using as a form of powder, many neem product produce using Neem dry leaves. This is good for our skin.

● Neem has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune properties.

●Neem plant is a herbal medicine

How to make Neem juice and it’s advantage

Ingredients of Neem juice :- Around 15 to 20 Neem leaves, fresh water, solt, jinger, give all things in juice mixture and start juice mixture machine at least two or three minutes. Now ready your neem juice to drink.

Advantage of Neem juice/drinking neem water benefits

Most important benefits of Neem juice or neem water is weight loose. If you use it you can not feel Hungary very long time period. Your body fat is loose very fast. Another benefits of Neem juice is remove toxic elements from our liver.

Medical uses of mint and neem

Mint and neem both are a herbal plant. Mint and neem same is nature and properties. Many medicinal properties found in mint and also many properties found in neem. Mint and Neem is also called home medicinal plant.

Can Neem and Tulsi powder be taken together for health benefits?

Both neem and tulsi same in nature but when you want use together only  after a ayurved achharya  advise.

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