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Bougainvillea flowers grow very fast. It is the most beautiful and attractive plant flowers other than flowers bougainvillea is Nyctaginaceae family plant. Bougainvillea plant Flowers colors like red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, white. The scientific name of the Bougainvillea plant is Bougainvillea glabra. Meaning of Bougainvillea, this is a local flower. This flower is the symbol of love and peace, this flower is a four o clock plant, flower family.

Verity of bougainvillea plant flowers:- 1 bougainvillea Bushi plant flowers in this verity plant grow very well and the flower color is light blue. 2 Climbing verity of bougainvillea plant flower is red 3 Bonsai variety.

Flowering season of bougainvillea:- normally bougainvillea plant flowering season is dependent on many things like place and type of plant. Depend on the place in India this is a summer plant in this time this plant flowering very well but is not completely true this is also growing and flowering well in the winter season among the world.

Some bougainvillea plant 12 months of one year in this reason this plant flowers called Sadabahar flower. Mostly bougainvillea plant flowers blooming month  November to June.


Price of bougainvillea plants:- Dwarf variety of bougainvillea medium size plant price in Indian currency is 250 rupees. Climbing variety of bougainvillea medium size plant price in Indian currency 60 to 150 rupees.

Trimming requirement of bougainvillea plant:- normal which bougainvillea plant grows very fast and take more space like Bushi variety of bougainvillea need trimming, Climbing verity of bougainvillea if you trimming this plant you can found no more flower produce after trimming.

Bougainvillea care:- bougainvillea plant no need to more care because it is plant growing all season, no need more water and sunlight.

Bougainvillea care in winter:- winter season bougainvillea plant need to care like as in winter season this plant needs water very low and now more sunlight. Bougainvillea plant is not toxic for cats and dogs

Bougainvillea plant care in pots:- if you have no more space then you can use pots to growing this plant, but need some care to grow well like giving some chemical and compost and time to time give water, and cutting in this plant.

Transplanting the bougainvillea plant:- A very small bougainvillea pant that is growing from seeds when this plant around 20 to 45 days you can transplant from one place to another place very carefully

bougainvillea flower is not poisonous. This is an herbal plant, this flower is very important to Ayurveda. Bougainvillea seeds for sale. This plant seed is very important to Ayurveda. The origin of the bougainvillea plant in eastern South America and a few Western parts of America and Peru.

Bougainvillea plant for sale:- Bougainvillea is a very beautiful plant flower. This flowering attracts everyone if you want to purchase this plant, you must go bougainvillea plant nursery. In the nursery, you decide which type of flower plant is your requirement.

That place you found various types and various shapes of bougainvillea plant is available. Second, you want to search in Google bougainvillea plant nursery near me then you find the nearest plant nursery if you want to buy this bougainvillea plant with flowers online you can also buy this plant online from Amazon and Flipkart, and many more website’s. Bougainvillea plant is a bonsai plant its yellow leaves are looking very beautiful

Bougainvillea care:- For the best growth of Bougainvillea it’s soil is very important if you ready to plant this flower in your garden or your home pots you have to take 50% of garden soil, 30% of organic fertilizer like compost soil and last 20% you can take chemical fertilizer like as DAP, phosphorus and mix it all components after two or three days your soil is ready to use, also pruning of Bougainvillea is very essential to grow very fast.


Bougainvillea soil PH always remains above 6.3 for the best growth of this plant. The growth rate of the Bougainvillea plant depends on many things like soil, place of home and garden, the temperature of your area, and season because Bougainvillea is a summer plant also some Bougainvillea is flowering winter season very well.

The roots of the Bougainvillea plant are a very important part of this flower it helps the photosynthesis process. In this process water is very important, roots of this plant are wat to water is reach all part of this plant.

How to propagate Bougainvillea from cutting:- in this process which type of Bougainvillea plant flower you can choose for cutting after selection of plant you cut it stems in a cross around 5 to 7 inches, then this cutting stems use fungal powder to protect for fungal and also leaves are cutting through Sharp cutter for good results.

Soil is ready to this plant, then cutting plant is planning the pots after five and ten days few new leaves come out in this plant. If you want more flower this plant then stop watering few days you can see your Bougainvillea plant growing more flowers.

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