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What is the money plant? Money plant is a plant it’s kingdom Plantae family Araceae. This is a creeper plant Scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. But in the world money plant know different-different names like Golden pothos, money plant, Cylon creeper, silver vine, house plant, marble plant. many types of uses and the Benefits of a money plant.

The physical form of money plant:- This plant is a creeper plant hight 1meter to 10 meters. The Colour of this plant is green, yellow, like oil painting and lights color in this color this plant is called money plant.

Money plant near about you:- if you can go anyplace like office, home, hospital you will found this plant any place this plant found house to house like as in tub, in glass in the garden also money plant found room temperature, like bedroom, common room, in the office room so that’s why money plant called house plant.


Propagating of money plant:- money plant propagating many ways like as 1propagation through root:- this way is very popular and common in this process a money plant grows very fast and well because it’s root make very important role to its necessary things like water, mineral, etc.

Money plant
Money plant

2 propagation of money tree using cutting process:- In this process, you can cut stems and put into soil and time to time give water in this plant after few days you can see this plant become green and it is growing 3 money plant propagate from leaves:- also you can cut money plant leaves and put into water after few days. this plant is growing and root comes up, also replanting money tree to one place to another place is very easy.

Is money plant or Pilea plant is toxic to cat and human:- No money plant is not a toxic plant but humans and animals are not eating in an indirect way. now a day Chinese money plant is very famous in the market in the sense of home decoration Pilea is also called the Chinese money plant.

Use of money plant or Benefits of money plant:- Money plant is a very popular home decorating plant. Money plant is an air purifier plant also it is very important to plant according to Vastu. Benefits of money plant according to Vastu. Money plant called money plant why because wealth and property come to the house it is a very beautiful flower attract everyone.

It is also called the house plant. Because you found this plant house to house. The money plant’s best position in a house is in the southeast direction of the house. Money plant comes peace and prosperity. Also, a money plant is best for health purposes. Money plant is not poisonous plant we are using many different- different work.

In the early morning you see a money plant it is good for luck. Position of money plant is very important if your home money plant is situated very good direction according to Vastu positive energy come in your home but its direction is not good according to Vastu, you and your family getting lot’s of problems and negative energy coming into the house. This is not good. The money plant flower is a very beautiful flower it attracts many insects and also money plant flower attracts everyone.

How to money plant grow || Benefits of money plant || money plant ||
How to money plant grow || Benefits of money plant || money plant ||


Money plant care or Chinese money plant care:- money plant is a creeper plant it is a very soft plant in the sense of physical structure. It required very low water and no more need to the soil, sunlight no need to more sunlight that is the money plant is called house plant or indoor plant.

It is also alive in water that’s way money plant Called water plant. Money plant no needs more watering. That’s way money plant yellow leaves.

Money plant side effects:-  as the usual money plant is symbol happiness, prosperity, peace but this not completely true. If you are doing some mistake like his position in the house,  if some insects make net around this plant,  money plant dry leaves and stems are not good for your home peace.

if your money plant is getting dry then you can cut its leaves and stems and throughout from your home soon. If not clean very long time if the above reason happened, as Vastu negative energy happened.

Conclusion:- overall money plant is a very beautiful plant. It’s attractive, everyone. It is very important to plant according to Vastu.

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