Salvia flowers how to grow and care

 Salvia flowers how to grow and care

Salvia flowers are very beautiful flowers. It’s Lamiaceae family flowers, it has around 750 species found in the world. These flowers maximum found in America, England, and its sub-Continental country. Salvia flowers common name as Silvia Officinalis and another common name Sage.

The physical form of Silvia Officinalis

Salvia officinalis is a perennial flower, but it is mainly winter flowers. It’s high two or five feet, this flower found many colors but two colors found maximum one is red color another is blue, the red color of salvia flower looking so beautiful and attractive.

Types of Salvia plant or flowers

Silvia plant found in different- different varieties some Salvia plant 1 Saliva Splendens in this category red saliva flower belong this flower is the most beautiful flower of all category.
Saliva Microphylla, salvia Elegans,
Salvia officinalis:- This category of flowers has medicinal properties, if your body has an absence of blood you can use it. Antiseptic, low blood pressure, and sugars.
White salvia.

White Salvia flowers
white salvia flower

Where to plant salvia

Saliva is a perennial plant you can planting indoors and outdoors, in indoors you can plant growing Salvia in a pot, in outdoors Salvia plant outside your home, garden, field, bank of the river, side of the road in this type many places.

Location of salvia plant
It is very important to this plant because the salvia plant requirement full sunlight to it’s growing.

How to plant salvia
You can plant salvia plant many types you can be planting Salvia in a pot in your house and balcony, you can also planting outside in your home.

How to grow salvia plant

Growing Selvia from seeds:- this is the best way to growing saliva, the best way to sowing this plant from September to November, after seedling a new plant rise. Red Salvia is a perennial flower that grows all month in a year. if you want more Salvia flower then you cut deadhead of salvia plant after few days a new flower comes to this place.

Self germinate salvia flower
When this plant getting dead, its flower getting down towards to surface for the month May and June salvia flower seeds falling on the surface after six and seven months salvia plant germinate this place. Also, you can do when the flower will dry you collect dry flowers and pick out its seeds for next time use these seeds to germinate to plant.

Growing salvia in pots
You need a pot around 10 inches, need a good drainage pot, garden soil 50 percent, 25 percent sand and rest if 25 percent vermicompost mix all components and put into the pot and a little salvia planting in this pot. This plant you keep semi shadow place because this plant grows well semi shadow places.
Water requirement of salvia plant
No need for more watering in this plant because it is mainly a cold region plant but some salvia plant growing warm region this type of plant needs more watering

How to care Salvia plant
Salvia flowers found many different-different colors like red salvia, blue salvia, purple salvia, white salvia, light pink salvia. The life of the salvia plant is from October to April. The germination time of the salvia plant is October month. The transplanting time of the salvia plant is October to November. Salvia is a semi shadow plant it means this plant no need more sunlight.

Using pesticide
From time to time use pesticides to save your plant and flower, as sulfur is a fungicide it saves your plant from fungal. Endosulfan is an insecticide. It protects your plant from insects.

Need pinching time to time pinch your plant for more flower comes this place. It is no need for more water also it is no need for more sunlight. Overall salvia is a very beautiful and attractive flower.

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