Swamp weed or Talmakhana/ Kulekhara plants benefits

What is Talmakhana/kulekhara plant?

Swamp weed or Talmakhana is a herbal plant. It has many medicinal properties. Actually, this is a flowering plant.

Its botanical name Hygrophila T spinose. In English name of the Tilmakhana plant is swamp weed, In Sanskrit Culli. Kulekhara plant called in Hindi Talmakhana.

Growing condition of Swamp weed or Talmakhana plant

It is a native plant to India and its subcontinental country like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal.

Health benefits of Swamp Weed Or Talmakhana or

Kule Khara

◆Boost your immunity if you take it.
◆To prevent anxiety and depression.
◆Remove pain and inflation.
◆It is the full feel of iron deficiency in your body.

◆if someone is suffering from anaemia disease. In this disease, the Haemoglobin level is continuously decreasing and the patient did not feel well good always feel tired and weak.

Talmakhana/Kulekhara leaves is very important to anaemia Disease. Because its leaves increase the haemoglobin level in our body.

To control diarrhoea disease if suffering Diarrhoea that time you make a couple of glass juice fromTalmakhana/Kulekhara plant leaves it is very important to control the disease.

◆ Talmakhana/Kulekhara leaves paste to get instant relief from pain.

Swamp weed or Talmakhana
Swamp weed/ Talmakhana/ Kulekhara

Talmakhana benefits for male

Kokilaksha is main element of Talmakhana/Kulekhara. It is very important to a male person who suffers sexual dysfunction. Kokilaksha It very important to remove sexually related disease and increase your sexual power. You can use it as direct form and powder form

Dose of Kokilaksha powder

1. one tsp of Kokilaksha powder
2. Sugar and milk
3. You can mix it and take it before lunch
4. Use it for a minimum of 3 months you got a result.

Also, use the Kokilaksha capsule according to your requirement.

Precautions using Kokilaksha

Breastfeeding women avoid using of
Kokilaksha and pregnant women also avoid using it.

How to eat Talmakhana/Kulekhara plant leaf

You can take it as a drink in the form of juice. You can eat Talmakhana/Kulekhara plant leaves in the form of vegetables. In the form of tea, you can use it. You can also eat in the form of salad.

Use of Talmakhana/Kulekhara plant seeds
Talmakhana/Kulekhara plant seed is very important to this patient who is suffering from liver disease and stone disease.

How to grow Talmakhana/kulekhara plant

Talmakhana/kulekhara is a herbal plant. It has many ayurvedic properties. This plant is very important to us. You can grow this plant indoors like as in your home garden, in the pot, any container.

Also, you can grow this plant outdoors. This plant very low maintaining plant grow very easily. This plant is no need for more care.

Talmakhana/Kulekhara side effects

Talmakhana/Kulekhara is a very important ayurvedic plant use as remedies for many diseases. Avoid pregnant women and Breastfeeding women to use Talmakhana/Kulekhara. If she wants to use this before advising to Doctor.

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