How to grow cherry plant from cherry seeds

Cherry is a very sweet fruit. This is found in many colors like red, black, yellow. cherry plant seeds are also very important to us.

How to prepare cherry seeds for germination

If you want to germinate cherry, from seeds indirectly way. it’s is not germination because cheery seeds cover is very hard. If you want to germinate this plant. first of all, remove cherry seeds cover using water process and dry cherry seeds in direct sunlight.

How to grow cherry from seed

Select cherry seeds:-

Cherry is many different- different types it depends up to you which type of cherry you want to grow.


cherry is mainly cold or winter season plant. It is well growing in cold weather. A cherry plant needs sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours every day.


cherry plants need very drained soil with a normal PH value. Cherry growing very well in natural ph value of soil.

Sunlight of cherry plant:- cherry plant is cold season plant. But a cherry plant growing very fast 6 to 8 hours daily sunlight minimum required.

How to plant cherry

A cherry plant grow or germinates after 10 to 15 weeks. After germination, it’s up to you where you plant indoors or outdoors. If you want to plant indoors like in pots or containers. You use potting soil in a pot or container. plant one or two plants in each container. Give time to time watering.  Organic fertilizer, sunlight after few years your cherry plant start to blooming and fruit comes.

How to plant ground cherries

This shrub plant. Its flowers are color yellow, you can plant in very cold places. Its botanical name is Physalis Prinosh Its plant height 1 to 4 feet. You can grow ground cherry in your home in a pot and container.

 Grow Cherry plant image
Grow Cherry plant image

Ground  growing cherry varieties

‘1. Aunt Mollys:- This varieties cherry is very popular.
2. Cossack Pineapple:- This varieties cherries very tasty.

Is groundcherry is toxic?

Chery is a very tasty fruit. But its leaves, stem, and root are also toxic.

Cherry plant to sell or buy

You can buy a cherry plant from a nursery and local flower shop you can sell your plant online. Online selling technique is very popular in developed countries. like USA UK Australia etc. Cherry plant for sell to farming at Japan is very popular for earning this is a great source of earning.

In very high latitudes Aunt Mollys varieties cherry plant grow very well to other varieties not very well in latitude.

What is the Singapore growing cherry tree called in Hindi?

Singapore cherry is very tasty and popular. It is another name of Singapore cherry is Jamaica cherry.

You can also grow cherry plants in Indian states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, etc.

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