11 surprise factors that affect climate change

Climate change, is now a day everyone knows very well. Weather:- Weather is a state. It’s a mix of cold, hot, rain, humidity, storm, and wind direction. Each day in our atmosphere. Weather is a very short period. weather frequently changes everywhere. It may be very hot and sunny in one place and freezing or snow in another place.

What is climate:- climate is the average condition of weather in a specific place or region. It’s over a very long period. Climate belongs from day to day, month to month, many years to year.

Weather and Climate Meaning
Weather is an atmospheric condition day to day and hours to hours. It may happen and change. Weather belongs to there is a short time of period. Suppose that today morning is very sunny but the evening is very rainy and the night is very hotter. after a few hours, the weather is very windy. Another side of climate belongs to a very long period. It does not change minute-to-minute hours to hours and day to day.

Types of Climate
£ Dry climate £ Polar climate £ Tropical Climates

π. Dry climate:- For this climate region Sun’s temperature is getting very high, and very low rain falls. Usually, the type of location belongs near about equator. The top hottest countries belong to the equator region. Like some African countries Kenya Africa Nigeria. Maximum desert areas belong to this climate.

π. Polar climate:- this climate reason for the very low temperature in the overall year climate belongs to the North and South poles. it is the very coldest place on the earth. The polar climate belongs to a very high latitude.

π.Tropical Climates:- it belongs to very high temperatures. This area is near the Equator region of North and South. It also belongs to how much rain falls in this region over the year. How is the climate in this area?

What is climate change?

Climate change means an increased average temperature of our Earth. This is a long-term shift on local or global. This change has been happening year to year, month to month, it may be possible for millions of years. Also, in one-word climate change mean an increase in global temperature for long periods. Man-made activities are majorly responsible for climate change, but some natural causes are also responsible the climate change.

Effect of climate change
♦Heavy rain falling/very low rain falling/un time rain falls.
♦ low production of agricultural / food material
♦Bad effect of chemical fertilizer on human
♦decay of Ozone layer
♦Increased drought surface problem
♦global temperature increase of (1°c) from the year 1900 to 2000.
♦Flooding issue is increasing due to climate change our climate is slowly changing. Compared to the beginning of the 20th century,
♦sunspot activity

Cause of climate change
¶ Natural cause
(A) Volcan (B) Ocean current (C) Latitude (D) Altitude (E) sea level

¶ Human-generated cause of climate change
A. Greenhouse effect/Global warming
B. excessive use of Fossil
C. Industrialisation
D. Migrate from rural to urban
E. Agriculture
F. Temperature
G. Rain falls
H. Wind
I. Humidity
J. Deforestation
K. Use of CFC & HFC compound
L. Waste burning

A. Greenhouse effect/Global warming
What is global warming?
When the Ocean surface, glaciers our environment, and the whole surface of our Earth increases in its temperature. Hence global surface temperature is heated. Its effect is that glaciers are melting, sea level rise, and everyone is affected in direct and indirect ways. It is called Global Warming. Carbon dioxide and Methane gas are responsible for global warming. When carbon dioxide and methane gas reach our atmosphere, it increases our atmosphere temperature. As well as our glaciers start to melt very fast. increase the sea level. When the sea level increases, many cities villages, and Many countries will drown in the Ocean. Global warming is very responsible for climate change.
F. Temperature
G. Rain falls
H. Wind
I. Humidity

Global warming means an increase in the temperature, which means, that when global warming increases that means the temperature is increased. Now a day you can watch inadequate Rain falling is a major problem this time. Sometimes it is falling a maximum period, but sometimes it falls in very poor condition. So it directly affects our agriculture and drinking water resources. If rain not falling the proper way, also wind direction is affected by global warming.

B. excessive use of Fossil:- when you use excessive Fossil. That means excessive production of air pollution. Mean increase in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. when the carbon dioxide level increased, the atmosphere temperature is also increased. When the atmosphere temperature is increased our climate is starting to change like glaciers are starting to melt. increasing sea level many more problems are also created.

B.Excessive use of Fossil means, excessive production of greenhouse gases. Excessive production of greenhouse gas means excessive production of global warming.
More fossils burning » more GHS » more GW » increase Temperature.

C. Industrialisation:- fastest development and higher increase in the population. We highly need many things to use in our daily life. such as home, water, TV, AC, clothes many more this. For these requirements. Here start industrialization for maximum production. For the cotton cloth cotton industry, many industries release very harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, and CFC gases. carbon dioxide is mainly responsible for global warming.

D. Migrate from rural to urban:- A rural area is an undeveloped part of the country. Another side is urban area is very developed with maximum facilities. like schools and Hospital transportation many more facilities are available there. But another side, the rural part of the country. The facility is in very poor condition. So maximum people want to go city area for working purpose education purpose treatment purpose. for this migration, the rural population is decreased and the Urban population is increased. Hence when the Urban population increase. People’s needs are increased. water for drinking, food, and housing so pollution is increasing. It is responsible for global warming or climate change.

E. Agriculture:- Agriculture (9% Greenhouse gas emissions) – Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture come from cows, agricultural soils, waste production of agricultural, and rice production.
Is agriculture the main cause of climate change?
Yes, modern agriculture ( food production and distribution) is responsible for the greenhouse effect of around 12 % of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

J. Deforestation:- sometimes you have heard about plant life. The plant is very important to the Environment purpose. It is also important to us. Environmental process Plant maintains the oxygen level in the atmosphere. In the breathing process, we take oxygen and release carbon dioxide. So oxygen is important to us. In my opinion, the main cause of deforestation is the population. When the population is increasing as well as demand is increasing. Such as for living purposes home is very important, and for eating purposes food is very important. Industrialization is very important. The industry produced many necessary things that we use every day in our life like cloth, oil, fan, and many more things like that. For this reason, deforestation is increasing rapidly and directly affecting our climate.

K. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs),
hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs):- This gas is responsible for, the decay of the Ozone layer of our atmosphere. The ozone layer is very important to our atmosphere. Because when sunlight is coming to our earth ultraviolet ray is also coming to the earth. Ultraviolet ray is very harmful to us.
Why Ultraviolet ray is harmful?
★ Ultraviolet ray is caused if skin cancer and other cancer disease.
★ UV radiation is one type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. There are three types of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.
★ Ultraviolet ray is the cause of liver spots.
★ many skin disease is directly related to Ultraviolet ray.
Many deep cooling apparatuses generate Chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs gas refrigerators, and Air Conditioning machines. Producing this gas is very harmful to us.

L. Waste burning:- We are known very well for waste burning. When we use something as per our needs. When our needs are complete. We throw out these things. That is the waste. But now a day it has big problems with how and where to throw these things. People start to burn waste material. It is very harmful now a day. Some garbage does not vanish like Plastic. When you burn this garbage, many harmful gases are produced as Carbon dioxide. Its main responsible gases for global warming.

Now a day waste material management is very beneficial to control waste burning. For the above reason, the global environment is consistent change.

How to save our climate change
Many Governmental or parent bodies have started various programs to save nature or our climate. Many departments state programs to save nature.
£ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
£ Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
£ United Nations Climate Change Conference. United Nations held climate change conferences every year.
£ Indian Network on Climate Change Assessment

Conclusions:- A good Climate is very important to us. Save our nature like plants, mountains, and rivers because climate change effect is very harmful to human beings.

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