Duck flower detox side effects

The duck flower detox side effects, scientific name is Aristolochia Grandiflora. It’s is pelican flower. It is largest flower in the world. Duck flowers found ten species in the world.

Duck flower Hindi name is Hookbel. Sanskrit’s name is Duck flower or Aristolochia Grandiflora’s flowers Sanskrit name is Gandhanakuli. Duck flower is native to Africa and America.

Duck flower detox side effects or Aristolochia Grandiflora’s flowers chemical composition
benzenoids, steroids, It found flavonoids, lignans found these flowers.

The physical form of Aristolochia Grandiflora’s
This is is a climber flowering plant. Its leaves grow up to 20 cm. Duck flowers are many colors like green, white, purple, brown, and veins. center of this flower is dark-colored, 

How to plant/cultivation Aristolochia Grandiflora’s plant

Aristolochia Grandiflora is a lowland tropics plant. This plant Prefers a well-drained, humus-rich, loamy soil and a position of duck flower is full sun or partial shade is best to grow. This is a climber plant.

Duck flower detox side effects

Care of Aristolochia Grandiflora’s plant

This is a low maintaining plant. It does not need more watering. If you give water regularly please avoid it. This plant needs Sunlight but avoids very hot sunlight.

This plant does not need more Chemical fertilizer. This plant needs well-drained soil to grow well.

Duck Flower Health Benefits

  • It cleans your body internally and helps to get rid of mucus. It also helps to detoxification your body.
  • It is helpful to clean your intestines.
  • It helps women to irregular cycles of periods.
  • Increase your mental satisfaction level in your body.
  • increase your energy level in your body.
  • Detoxifying process is also losing excess water weight of your body.
  • cleanses the body of excess mucus.

it is very harmful to your body. A small child or a pregnant woman most should avoid use. If you want to use it. First of all contact with Doctor after his advice, you can use it.

Duck flower detox side effects

It helps to clean your intestines but your intake of the excess amount has many side effects. Duck flower is a good detoxify element but you can use it excess amount.

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