sapodilla/Chiku planting, grow and care

Manilkara zapota, commonly known as sapodilla. This is a fruit plant. This fruit is very popular in many countries in the world. sapodilla is a very delicious fruit. Everyone is like this fruit.

Common names of the Sapodilla plant

Chemical presence of Sapodilla fruit
Carbohydrates 20 g
Fat 12 g
Protein 50 g
Vitamin and minerals are also very important elements found in Sapodilla fruits. It reaches the source of vitamins and protein fiber.

What season does sapodilla grow?

sapodilla/Chiku plant grows all season in a year but remembers something. sapodilla/Chiku plant needs water and proper sunlight for well growing. Rainy season is the best time to grow sapodilla/Chiku plants.

Different varieties of sapodilla or Chiku fruits is
Cricket Ball varieties, Kali pasta varieties, Pala variety Baramasi varieties, Kirthibarti varieties it is very popular variety in Andhra Pradesh. This varieties fruit is medium size. Pilipatti varieties sapodilla/Chiku it is small size fruit. It is found in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Soil for growing sapodilla/Chiku in containers
For growing in containers or pots you most need a good quality of soil mix for the sapodilla/Chiku plant. You need 75% garden soil, 25%compost, Neem powder or cake, Thimate, for root growth you can use superphosphate.

Mix all things and put them in a container or pot. Remember a few things your sapodilla/Chiku plant must need 6to 8 hours of direct sunlight and time to time you must need watering for well growing.
Which fertilizer is the best for the chikoo plant

How does long it take to grow a chikoo tree?
As usual, a sapodilla/Chiku plant is ready to fruit around 4 to 8 years. But few varieties of sapodilla/Chiku as a Grafted variety of this plant is starting flowers and bud after 8 months of planting.

Care of Chiku plants
• Best Ciku plant variety is Grafted plant variety. These plant fruits come between 4 to 6 months in a single year. Fruits are coming two times a year.

• when you planting a small plant in a pot or container, Grafted area of this plant should open from the soil.

• pinching is very important for the sapodilla/Chiku plant, sunlight is very important for growing this plant need 5 to 6 hours daily.

• watering is very important to grow the sapodilla/Chiku plant.

• It is mainly an outdoors plant, but it is grow well indoors.

• sapodilla/Chiku plant stops growing in very cold conditions because this plant is a hot region plant.
• avoid over-watering.

• Growth of sapodilla/Chiku plant is slow in the winter season, another side summer season this plant grows very well.

• you can give liquid fertilizer from time to time

• need well-drained soil.

•This plant needs more care at the time of winter and mid-summer.

•sapodilla/Chiku is very delicious fruit.

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