Importance of Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna,The ecosystem is a complex interconnected network comprising biotic and abiotic elements. Flora and fauna words orginated from Latin. Flora in Latin means goddess of flower. Flora is a group of any plants in an ecosystem of a geographical region.

some example of flora include:- grasslands, forest, flowering, and non-flowering plants and trees. The fauna refers to the goddess of fertility. Fauna is all of the animal life of any particular region of or time. In fauna we come to see varieties of animals.

Therefore, Birds are being formed in other category called Avifauna, Fishes under Pisci fauna, Microorganisms including bacteria and virus are in category of Microfauna. Flora belongs to plant life and fauna belongs to animal life.

Flora also means, the numbers of plants species present in a particular environment at a particular time.

Importance of flora and fauna: –

Both play a equal role, it balance the ecology and maintain. Example- Like photosynthesis the flora release oxygen which is inhale by fauna and again release carbon-dioxide and again flora will use it in process of photosynthesis.

Types of flora and fauna..
(•Desert flora and fauna, •Tundra flora and fauna, •Wild flora and fauna, •Aquatic flora and fauna, • Tropical rainforest flora and fauna, •endemic flora and fauna, •flora and fauna of Himalayan.)

Desert flora and fauna: – Desert is an ecosystem which receives less than 30 cm annual rainfall. Desert includes a variety of environments. The extreme form of deserts is Sahara Desert or chile Desert. Some deserts have plants like cacti or bushes which are perennial. The plants root have a large root systems which help absorbing water more deep underground. The animals of deserts are specially adapted to survive on very low water. The deserts cools down at night.

Tundra flora and fauna: – Plants and animals living in the tundra must be able to adapt to extreme cold and brisk winds. They have special adaptations to allow them to live in extreme conditions and low temperatures. Many plants in the biome have a wax-type of fuzzy, hairy coating on them which help them from the cold and the wind. E.X-Arctic moss, Arctic willow, Cotton grass, Lichens and Moss.

The animals of there have thicker and warmer feathers and fur. The birds of the Tundra regions have two coats of feathers to help keep them warm. E.X- Brown bear, Polar bear, wolverine, Arctic foxes, Red foxes.

Aquatic flora and fauna:- Water is a basic and primary requirement of all living species. Aquatic animals and plants those live in water. Aquatic plants are animals they have completed adapted to living in water or aquatic environments. Example of aquatic plants are- willow moss, cattails, Reeds. Example of aquatic animals are- Blue gills, Redbreast fish.

Tropical rainforest flora and fauna: – Tropical rainforests are the most different from each other. Tropical rainforest is vital ecosystem, soil protection, reservoirs of biodiversity, medicinal plant, watershed protection.

Endemic flora and fauna: – In endemic species belongs plant and animal those are found in only that particular area and not another place in the Earth.

Flora and Fauna of forest ecosystem:-
Forest is a large uncultivated and unhabitated trat of land covered with trees different types of heights, shrubs and herbs. In forest there is excessive of rainfall happens, humidity is so high, optimum temperatures. Only deffused light reaches the ground.

SunTemperatures are lower in the summer and very higher in winter. The day is colder and night is warmer in the forest. The floor of the forest is is carpeted by plants like lichens and mosses.

Why flora and fauna important: –
The earth is like as home for millions of living species. We share our planet earth with plants and animal. Humans have used plants and animals for foods, shelter and a lot more. From long ancient time, our ancestors, we humans have benefited a lot from plants and animals regarding different food sources, medicine, and all our daily need. Animal or plants living and growing in natural environment, not domesticated or cultivated.

Ecological importance here we come to know about our ecosystems. Like – green plants are producer which make their own food by help of sunlight and by process of photosynthesis. Those green plants are eaten by deer animal it is depended on the producers, known herbivores. And Lion is dependent on deer on herbivores which is known carnivores. This process is called food chain. By this it can be understand that both are dependent on each other. Both are important to live in this environment.

Benefits of flora and fauna:-
Flora and fauna are most important for human existence. No matter where we go on the planet, there are stunning plants, flowers, and animals that catch our attention. Animal drooping are a source of fertilizers. The dead animal decay after certain time and act like a mineral for others animals.
Flora belongs to plant life and fauna belongs to animal life. Everything needs food to survive and flora and fauna are essential to survival.

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