How to reduce your carbon footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint, Carbon footprint is calculating how much carbon dioxide release in air by a individual person and his activities.
It is very harmful to us. Because we are maximum contribute to carbon in atmosphere. For our day to day life, we want to make comfortable or convenient. we are using AC, TV, refregeter, car, fan many more things in our daily life.

Increase carbon dioxide in atmosphere
When cabon dioxide level increase atmosphere. Our Earth is also heated. It’s many side effect you have seen. Glacier are melting very fast, Ocean level so increased. After few years many city and country completely sink in the ocean water. So globally flooding situation is created, this situation is very dangerous for human being.

How to Reduce your carbon footprint

You can reduce carbon footprint many many ways such as

  1. How to reduce your carbon footprint through transportation
    Less use of four and two wheeler:- for short distance we should not use car and bike. Because those vehicles are carbon emissions elements. If you want reduce carbon footprint, you should use additional way to car and bike. If you travel distance using foot for short distance you can reduce your carbon footprint. For short distance you can also use public transport.
  2. How to reduce your carbon footprint through food
    A. We should avoid to eat non-veg food material. Because non-veg material is big source of carbon emission. If you want reduce carbon footprint. we should avoid non-veg food material and immediate diverted veg – food material to reduce carbon footprint.

B. Reduce your food waste
Waste food is causes of emission of carbon dioxide. Definitely you should avoid Wasting your food.

C. Compost Management
Compost is is great challenge because. It is source of carbon dioxide. If you want to reduce carbon dioxide in atmosphere. You should adopt or start compost management system. this is the way you can reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. How to reduce your carbon footprint at home
    ★ turn off light and fan when not in use.

★ when you buy home appliance, always be careful because a low standard product produce more emission of carbon. So when you buy and home appliance always genuine and branded products purchase.

★ At home please change old light bulbs to new led bulbs for reducing carbon footprint.

★ Using a low-flow shower for bath, for clothes washing less use of washing machine for reducing carbon footprint.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint When Traveling any trip
★ If not necessary then sure avoid using car and any four wheeler to personal or short distance use. When I am in traveling or arrange any tour. I always care my car, because It should intake petrol. If your oil quality is not good that mean more carbon emissions during traveling.
★ always clean and wash our car engine for best mileage.
★ I am always select best way to reach destination.

★ Petrol and Diesel is a big participant of carbon emissions, if you want reduce carbon footprint you can use electrical vehicles. It is zero carbon footprint.

★ we use daily toothpaste and toothbrush, if you want reduce carbon footprint you can use organic toothpaste like as Neem,plant thin steem as a toothbrush.

★ A bread that is made from Bread making industry. That is use Yeast, colour, wheat dust

★ Buy very less items, those emit more carbon emissions.
★ always carry reusable bags.

★ If you purchase electronic items must see.
energy star symbol. It is very efficient to reduce carbon footprint.

★ less use air conditioners, you can use fan.

★ avoid traffic jam, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

★ avoid using air travel it’s upto you.

★ talk about global warming and it’s side effects to other.

★ share your knowledge about carbon footprint. how it harmful and what is solution.

How to reduce your carbon footprint from fashion industry

@ Fast fashion industry in third carbon emissions industry in the world.

@ A polister shirts or clothes produce 5.5 kg carbon, another side A cotton shirts produce 2.5kg carbon emissions in atmosphere at the time of production. Now choice is your. What ever you want.

According to WHO we are all human in the earth to avoid Non-veg food material to intake our food. Global warming is stopped after few months.

Fast carbon emission sector in Globally

Electricity and Heating effect — 24.6%

Natural resources — 18.2%

Agriculture — 13.5%

Transportation — 13.5%

Industry — 10.4%

Canclusion:- carbon emissions is great challenge for human being. Because many harmful side effects are generated Globally. Green house effect is cause of heating Earth and increase temperature. If you want save our Earth, please reduce carbon footprint.

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