Glacier blast in Uttarakhand, India cause and solution

      Glacier blast in Uttarakhand, India cause and solution

What is Glacier:- Glacier is made from snow falling month to month and year to year in one place, snow thickness of Glacier is an increase when it’s thickness increasing, the weight of Glacier is increasing. In other words, Glacier is plenty amount of ice. Glacier blast in Uttarakhand is a natural disaster.

What is Glacier blast:- Due to heavy show fall and temperature of this area’s getting down very fast that’s the reason this area’s mountain, river, and the lake is getting frozen.

For many months and years, snow falling is in one place, the thickness of mountain froze, ice is increased. Glacier stops the following current of a river. 90 percentage of glaciers is a form of the ice sheet. When a glacier is getting very weighted then ice is coming to the surface very fast in this whole process is called Glacier blast.

Another way our Earth is constructed different- different plate when any plate slide then heavy loaded mountain ice or glacier blast this time and ice is coming very fast towards surface this is called Glacier blast.

Nanda Devi glacier

What’s the reason Uttarakhand, India glacier blast:- Uttarakhand glacier blasting attract all over the world, to global warming, this accident is a small example of global warming,  glacier melting because global temperature increases.

For example, every 50 years global temperature increases from 1 degree to 2 degrees, and ice is melting. Glacier blast another reason is the avalanche, pollution.

Uttarakhand glacier blast:- seven February 2021 Nanda Devi glacier blast in his peak. Some part of this glacier is coming very speedily towards the surface, in this reason Chamoli district in Uttarakhand (India) suddenly flood coming.

Maximum damage Rishiganga valley and Tapowan areas. Rishi Ganga water project destroyed, 26 people died and 197 people missing. Many villages in this area completely destroyed

Effects of global warming:- Global warming means our earth’s temperature continues to increase, main responsible gas carbon dioxide and Mithen gas. Greenhouse effects main responsible gas is carbon dioxide and Cloro  Floro carbon

  • Polar ice is melting
  • Increase of water level of sea level
  • Some countries and some city’s getting problem with water-related
  • Flood related problems
  • Cultivation related problems
  • Some disease is born
  • Air pollution rise
  • Ozone depletion

Prevention of global warming

  • Very less uses of air-conditioning, refrigerator
  • Less use of motor vehicles
  • Less use of petroleum products
  • Increase planting of a tree
  • All countries in the world have to decide to how to reduce carbon emissions this is the main factor of greenhouse effects
  • Every people on the earth is own responsibility to save our environment.
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