Golden Mahseer fish: conservation and new agenda

Copper mahseer scientific name Neolissochilus Hexagonolepis. It maximum found in India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Srilanka, Thailand, and Indonesia. It belongs to the Cyprinidae family. copper mahseer fish has a maximum length of 4.2 ft and a maximum weight is 12 kg. it is best to mound in the Himalayan region like the Indus river Brahmaputra river and Ganga river.

What is mahseer fish called in English?
Tor Putitora, the Putitor mahseer, golden mahseer. Copper mahseer is called in the regional language Kat lay fish.
Kate was declared an “endangered species” in 1992. In the year 2014, it was categorized as ‘endangered’ species. global conservation organization, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In India Northeastern Indian state produces the maximum amount of this fish.

Copper mahseer is the state fish of the Indian state Sikkim. It is fresh River water fish. Copper mahseer is the maximum found in Tista and Rangit River in Sikkim. in the year 1992 (ICAR) announced Keatley fish is endangered species.

How to Kately fish come endangered species.
Kately fish come endangered species, the reason is Human activity like as for eating metamaterial, men hunting Keatley fish. Increased in industrial areas, freshwater became polluted and toxic. Also, river construction projects increase day to day. Climate change. For this reason, Kately fish come endangered species. Mahseer is the national Fish of Pakistan.

How to o protect Mahseer fish
Mahseer fish is now an endangered species. We have to take the right direction to save his species. Like we need a new conservation policy to protect this species very effectively. Immediate stopped copper mahseer fishing. Also, illegal hunting stopped copper mahseer fishes, from lakes, rivers, and the sea. Stop illegal construction on rivers.
Increase awareness about how to conserve Golden mahseer fishes. Why Golden mahseer fishes are important to us. This is the world’s largest subterranean fish. This is a freshwater fish, it is iconic in the Indian subcontinental country.
When a hydropower project establishes on River for general electricity we are distorted Mahseer fish home. illegal mining is also responsible for distorted Golden Mahseer fish’s natural home. Overall’ Golden mahseer fishes are endangered species we should extremely need to protect this species.

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