How to grow and care for Hog plum/Aamra plant

How to identify good hog plants for planting? When you go to a nursery. You have seen many hog plum plants but identifying the best hog plant is too difficult. But some suggestions, if you follow. You have selected a good hog plant. These plant stems are to tell at the time of plantation. It should be leaves’ size is big compared to normal hog plants. This plant should grow up from seedlings and stems are drafted. This is the best way to identify the best hog plum for planting plants at home or garden.

Best way to grow Hog plum in a pot

If you want to grow hog plants in a pot you should need a pot, it’s the size of 10 to 15 inches. You have selected a good drainage system port. because a bad drainage system is affected your plant.

How to create soil for hog plant
You can take garden soils, compost and Coco Peat mix all 3 things. now your soil is ready to use but in some cases, you cannot use fertilizer at the time of planting.

How to grow hog plum from seeds
If you plant fresh Hog plum from seeds. first of all, you can select good quality seeds. in this process, you can grow Hog plums from seeds. you can also grow from Garden soil. You can directly put the seeds in garden soil. in this way few things are always remembered and do not overwater.

don’t give maximum light in a signal time. After a few days, you will see your hog plant seeds starting to germinate, and the second way to grow hot plant seeds is in your pot. if you want to grow your seeds in the port. you have to make sand 30%, Guardian soil 70%, and compost mix all things are known your soil is ready to use. now you keep its soil in the pot and then water over the soil.

now seeds are put in the port a maximum of 3 inches deep. after 14 days watch and monitor you have to see your hot plant seed start to germinate after 1 month you can transplant another place for well growing.

Red hog plum
Red mombin is a very beautiful fruit. It is a very attractive and very tasty fruit. Red Hot plant is the maximum found in America Brazil West Indies and India and subcontinental countries.

How to grow hog plant from cutting
If you want to grow a hog plant from cutting. first of all select a plant tree. now you cut some branches of this plant, one thing is to remember when you cut these branches. cutting across the cross-section area. that means you have cut cross. after cutting the branches you have to select where you planting. cutting branches planting 3 inches deep in the soil. the branch put in. After planting the branches now you have to water this plant’s root and keep this plant in the Shadow area. minimum sunlight is required for this plant grows from cutting. After a few days see some new branches of this plant germinate.

Hog plum where to buy?
If you want to buy a hog plum first of all you can grow or germinate from its seeds, second, you can grow this plant from cuttings at home. But you can buy a draft variety of hog plum plants. you can go and purchase from a nursery in the nursery you have to buy various types of plants. now a day you can buy online. Many sites provide an online selling facility.

How to use Hog plum?
Hog plums are very beneficial to our health. Many varieties of dishes are made with the help of Hog plum fruits. Pickles are made from hog plum. Hog plum has many medical properties found in this plant, fruits, leaves, and bark. In Ayurveda, the hog plum is very important to us, because it has medicinal properties. Many products made from hog plums such as jams, jellies, and pickles, are also used as an ingredient for cold drinks.

How to care for Hog plum/Aamra plant
when you plant a small plant in a pot or container, Grafted area of this plant should open from the soil.
• pinching is very important for the hog plant, sunlight is very important for growing this plant need 5 to 6 hours daily.
• watering is essential to growing the hog plum.
• It is an outdoor plant, but it also grows well indoors.
• Aamra plant stops growing in very cold conditions because it is a hot region plant.
• avoid over-watering. It is very dangerous for a growing plant.

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