How to grow, care and importance of Insulin plant

Chamaecostus Cuspidatus scientific name, the common name is fiery costus or spiral flag is a species of herbaceous plant this belongs to the family. This is native to African countries. In India called the Insulin plant.

Nutrition element of Fiery costus/Spiral flag or Insulin plant

This plant contains protein terpenoid, fluoride, antioxidant, ascorbic acid,
Insulin Plant (Chamaecostus Cuspidatus) has many medicinal properties. It is beneficial to treat Type-2 diabetes. The plant is also known by different names in different parts of the world.

                Insulin herbal plant

The insulin plant is the best herbal plant.
It is very common to use plants found everywhere
It is a widely used outdoor plant
It is very important for diabetes

Sunlight of this plant

Minimum 4 to 6 hours in a day.

Soil of the insulin plant

You need well-drained soil, it should be rich in organic compost. It is very necessary for growth.

Fertilizer of insulin plant

Organic fertilizer is very important to grow. But chemical fertilizer is not essential for insulin plants. In some cases, you can use chemical fertilizers.

Insulin plant care

Remove the dead leaf and damaged part of this plant. To shave your plant from insects you can use Neem plant leaves or Neem oil.

Why is it called the Insulin plant?
This plant leaf help increases insulin level in our body. Another hand Insulin is very important for a Diabetes patient, and this plant leaf provides that thing. So the popularity of this plant people called Insulin plant.

What does the Insulin plant do to your body?
If you intake insulin from plant leaves, it is very helpful to control or getting lower the blood glucose level in your body.

How long does it take for the insulin plant to work?
If an anyone diabetes patient intake insulin plant leaf, after 15 to 45 days you have seen its benefits.

Can insulin plants cure diabetes?
Insulin plant is very important to cure diabetes if you use an insulin plant leaf as a form of powder paste and direct to eat it is very effective to control Glucose level in our body after 15 to 60 days you have seen it’s a benefit.

How do you identify an insulin plant?
It is a perennial plant. It’s high around 3 feet tall. Leaf smooth and green color. It is spirally to its plant stems.

How do you take insulin plants?
The insulin plant is known as a remedy for all types of diabetes. constituent of insulin is consoles acid.
when you ingested an insulin plant leaf by a human, it can help pancreatic cells to release insulin and treat higher or lower blood glucose levels in our bodies.

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