Natural resources importance and way of conversation

Natural resources are a resource. It is a completely true and pure substance that comes from nature. It is called natural resources. Natural resources are important to us.

Because it is just like supporting elements. We can not assume life without those things. Like as air, water, soil, and minerals are natural resources.
These resources are free of cost we don’t need any kind of effort and energy to get them.
It’s from nature and can be used directly. A natural resource is very important in many ways and it’s a source of energy that we use.

Types of Natural resources

There are many ways of classifying the natural resources which we use in our daily life. They can be biotic and abiotic.

The resources can be classified based on the number of resources available for human consumption. Most sources are classified into two categories.
1- Renewable resources
2- Non-renewable resources

  1. Renewable resources:- Renewable resources are important for humans. Because when it lasts you can renew it. This resource can be renewable naturally. Many natural aspects are renewed by the self. Like the wind, water, etc. This example is such a source that is being renewed again and again this is the best example of nature. For example, solar power, bioenergy (organic material burner as a fuel), and hydroelectric.

What natural resources do we use every day

Soil, water, air, minerals, and plant are a few of the natural resources that make life easy on the earth. Some of these resources in their natural state shelter, and clothing, become products that enhance our standard of living.

Non-renewable resources – Natural substances that are not replenished with the speed at which it is consumed, odonates renew too fast, and take years of years to convert.
For example, Fossil fuels, are formed inside the Earth,t dead plants and animals are buried inside the oil and it takes millions of years to decay.

conservation of natural resources:- It is the main reason to conserve natural resources To repair the damage and maintain the environment for future generations. We just need to take steps to conserve what we have encouraged for the health of both the planet and humankind. By conserving our natural resources, we can reduce greenhouse gas and have more impact on our natural environment.

Natural resources mean air, water, soil, minerals, fuels, plants, and animals. Resources such as fossil fuels, can’t be replaced at all. Once they are used up, they are gone forever and renewed anyway.

What are ways to conserve natural resources:- Natural resources are very essential for man’s survival on Earth those are Soil, forests, water, minerals, and air.

—which are all important to sustain life. Some natural resources can’t be renewed and replaced. These resources may run out due to excessive use by humans.

It is our responsibility to conserve it, by this we can balance the amount we have and the amount we need. It is very important to Reduce maximum use and promote the Reuse of those resources.

It is very important to our needs. If it is possible we should recycle l resources.

Reduce:- We can reduce the use of water by turning the tap off properly and using it as per need we shouldn’t use excessive water for cleaning and washing. We can use water in watering the green plants.

Reuse– Reuse means using some items more than once. we can use plastic bottles as a plant holder or as pen stand instead of throwing them in the soil.

Which easily doesn’t get mixed with it. Reuse can have both economic and environmental benefits. Rain can be caught in some containers and used water in your garden.

Recycle– Recycling means creating new products which are useful from recyclable items. Therefore, it is important to put different types of trash in the correct bin.

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand the difference between Reusing and Recycling. Recycling involves processing used materials to make them suitable for other uses.

What natural resources are conserved by recycling:- Recycling is an important factor in conserving natural resources and greatly contributes towards improving the environment.

Recycling conserves natural resources, such as wood, water, minerals, and fossil fuels because the material can be reused. Fossil fuels are examples of natural resources, that can’t be replaced.

Conserving fossil fuels we have to ensure that we have enough for our future use. Burning fuels cause air pollution. These are the environmental tale problems we face today. We can help air pollution by using gas fuel, we can walk or cycle instead of taking the car.

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